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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
A Reprieve for the US, 700 Billion Dollar Squander Bill

Beating about

It is painful to watch the debates going on in the US. It is simply beating about the bush. The issues are simple and very clear to those who can discern.

A nutty request

Many years ago, I walked into a British High Commission office and gave my writings to a staff member (native Indian) and requested that it be given to a native born English official. It was a request that sparked a feeling that this is some nut case coming up with some nutty request. The official was very cordial, but I don’t think it was given to any person that I had requested for. For, when I went back, it was lying there unattended.

In my sleeping hours, some twenty years back, I could imagine the vile codes slowly gripping on to the insides of the English social scenery.

The errors

What I did want to convey was that the English nations were doing a lot of grave errors in their immigration policy and other acts of international benevolence. Not in the concept of immigration but the way it was being done without any understanding of what is being allowed in. It is another world which springs into action the moment two outsiders of the same language and nativity meet together. The effects are not immediately discernable to the native Englishman, for he can only detect the minor affects, and not the major changes that are being encoded in the English world.

What the English world is now experiencing is the slow, yet steady creeping in of errors in the native English world.

Now, unless the reader is used to my other writings here, he may find my words very enigmatic. What ais Britain

The main Economic Issue

I need to talk more clearly.

What is the main issue concerning the economic crisis? It is that there is no money with the working class. What happened to all the money? Well, it has simply seeped into the other nations, by way of Business Offshore Process. Why nobody mentions this is what I can’t understand.

That is only one side. Next is what about industrial production? The skills, knowledge and the working experience have reached the third world nations, where persons in commanding positions make use of them to produce goods. The cost will be unimaginably low. For Rs. 20, in most cities of India, a good vegetarian meal is available, and for Rs. 25, it can be non-vegetarian. That means for $10, you can buy at least 20 to 25 such meals. The people in these nations also do not have money, but the officials and their associates have immense money.

Can the industrialists in the English nations compete with the industrialists in the third world nations? I think it will be utterly stupid to think so.

The setting in of Laziness

Then what about the English nations? I think that most Englishmen would come to be called ‘lazy’ as they would dread working with or working under Asian persons. It is an issue of the lower grade codes enveloping them. It is not an ethnic issue, but of language.

The hollow hallowed American Greatness

Now, what is the reality of the greatness that every American is bragging about? Even a newly domiciled person in American within no time starts this talk big. Actually, it is the freedom British English is giving them, and the automatic refinement that it renders.

An answer to the Crisis

What is answer to the Crisis: Well, the situation is really desperate, and it shall be more desperate unless drastic remedies are not contemplated immediately.

Drastic remedy no: 1: Immediate stoppage of all BPO work.

2. Disallow all outside companies that wander all around the nation, netting all the work and sending it abroad. A US national agency can be contemplated to run the show, if it is required. Only senseless nations will allow persons from outside to set up shop inside for this purpose.

3. Cease immigration, both legal as well as illegal to zero. Persons who have domiciled there act as a sort of beachhead for the powerful alien social systems to take control or at least manipulate the English nations. It would be extremely wise to re-examine the new comers’ profiles once more and take very sharp steps in regard to many of them.

4. English social conditions are unimaginably wonderful. So, if these persons who vacate the place really love English social system, let them create it within their own nations. It is possible, if they do want it so badly. (Remember a 2000$ in India amount to around Rs. 100,000. Just calculate in terms of Meals).

5. Bring in restrictions on the free entry of foreign goods, especially from nations with feudal language social systems into English nations. It is not possible to economically compete with them in the long run.

6. Do not allow the universities to dispense national knowledge to students from such nations. They will only go back and then garner strength and come back to compete with their very benefactors. Sly cunningness is encoded in feudal languages.

7. What about the 700 billions that is getting ready to be scattered all round the world. For within seconds, it will vanish into thin air, to the immense sly nations. What can be done instead is to subsidise the jobs in the English nations. Subside the universities that lose business, subsidies the goods, and such things, and let the English social systems survive.

8. Now what about the third world nations? Should one leave them to starve and perish? Well, there is need to tell the third world nations that the problem is with their language systems.

The machine called Money

Now, there is the machine called Money. It is a machine that allows the use of energy to have work done. What has happened to all this energy that scattered through the machine called money? This energy has scattered to the third world nations, yet those nations’ have not become like English nations. Well, there is something that I studied (during my Physics graduation days) called the Ideal Machine. I need to write about it as part of my proposal on Language Codes.

I can’t go into that now. Yet, may I quote from my ancient book:

March of the Evil Empires; English versus the Feudal Languages


With callous indifference, one can claim that America is the melting pot of cultures. If full melting does take place, and an English mould is formed, it is all right. But I have fears that with this severe influx of alien cultures that come with a package of virus software, a stage may come, at least, in certain areas, where the innate resilience of the English structure may be severely tested; and cause much distress to the individual persons; and can in a matter of time, cause domino effect on many other areas, causing strange happenings of technological failure, inefficiency, conflict, hatred, events that may be described with shallow understanding as racially motivated, decent and peaceful persons acting with unnatural violence etc.

When the Over Bridge fell down in the US a few years back, I did have the urge to state that this was the strange technological failure that I was hinting at. I did not write here with that claim; yet, it is. For, as non-English feudal languages start ticking in the immense social and professional links, the same illogical communication moods sets in. So that the innate dynamism of the English social intelligence tends to go down.

The million replications

It is like this: if I see a man speaking a particular feudal or non-feudal language; I can then imagine the same formula of communication existing in all the communication links wherever the same people mingle. A million Hindi speakers will create the same social scene that ten of them would create. A million English speakers will create the same social scene that ten of them would create.

If ten of them can create North Indian social scenery, then a million can only do likewise. If ten English men create an England social communication, a million of them will create only England (or possibly Australia), but not North India.

Now in English nations, what ticks in the immense social links are non-English communication moods that can really terrorise the local English moods.

The need for a Firewall protection

There is a chapter in my book on what was happening to the US Company called Enron. It bespeaks of the same metamorphosis that came over the Wall Street officials, as they started intermingling with the other native systems without a Firewall protection.

Why no one speaks when things move to the edge

Now, back to the bride that fell down in the US. It suddenly happened. The same way the Banks fell. Why was no one really talking about it when things were slowly going from good to bad, and then from bad to worse. Well, it only shows that the innate processes of checks and balances have stopped functioning.

Trade not always a harbinger of prosperity

Now, about the concept of Trade. I have been a trader catering to a huge geographical area. There are many things that I saw that others of the intellectual pursuit never saw or could imagine. What I want to say here is not about that. It is this: There is a feeling that it is trade that brings in dynamism to a nation. It is not correct. England would still be England, if it were the only nation on this world. There was much trade in India since the ancient times, yet, North India never became like England. (Actually to crush the scourge known as the thuggees, the nation had to await the coming of the East India Company. There was no social mechanism here to deal with this menace).

How disaster came when things were best by economic terms

Now look at the English nations: the best of technology, Internet, Best Universities, BPO to save immense money on work and production, and much else, but at the very peak of it, the system seemed to have caved in. Senseless selfishness has set in among the people and no one seems to know why it has fallen. Surely none had a sense why the English nations were good, and now no one seems to have an understanding why it has gone sour.

Lessons from the old Factory System and Industrial Revolution

In my book, I had mentioned about the Factory System in England way back in the 18th century. I had said that there is much to be learnt from that Experience. Well, the same tragic experiences await the English nations again, unless very, very strong understanding of overwhelming forces are not understood.

The minor pawns

Actually, the people in English nations, as in any nation, are just minor pawns or even codes in the huge all-encompassing software called language. It arranges all relationships and even the parameters of intelligence. I know this; I have seen the sudden shifting of boundaries (of intelligence as well as of communication) when I shift from my vernacular to English. Everyone around here, who I have told this thing, has acknowledged that it is true. But, the poor Englishman doesn’t understand this. He is under the impression that it is some innate superior intelligence encoded in his genes that is doing the job.

Catering to the lowest

Again, may I mention about the suddenness of the events. When the English software is accosted by the other software, the individuals suddenly become aware of new mood called respect, and that too the respect of the lowest of the group. In India, it is the respect of the smallest man, the peon, the servant and such things that is most important. In a way, the superior has an innate fear of the disrespect of the lowliest, than of equals and superiors. All intelligence, all actions, all rhetoric is based on this issue. Efficiency is at this level. When I say this, don’t imagine the English BPOs and MNCs in India, for they understand the reality of India, and keep security men to ward off India from their premises.

Victoria Institutions

Let me something personal now: The name Victoria Institutions comes along with my writings. It is not actually an imaginary concept. There is my own office by this name in existence. Only English is allowed inside. My Children don’t understand the vernacular. I do take English classes in the evenings. I tell my students to imitate the English. Don’t study the bowing and sly culture. The communication system is excellent, and there is no hierarchy inside. Yet, outside, the world is different, totally different.

The apt use of a sling

At the same time, right now in England there is an Indian Culture House, which has taken upon themselves to teach the English the essence of Indian Culture, the bowing, the Namaskar, and much else. If the English are intelligent, they will very well catch all the personnel inside this Culture House and sling them straight back into the Indian Ocean. These people are out there to replicate the Indian mess in an English nation.


Before concluding, let me remind the English nations, that there is a war going on. It is being treated as a sort of playful theme by the current English administrators. It is not a joke, and when the warfront arrives on the shores of the English nations, if the systems are eroded, then it will be like the entry of Genghis Khan. As to the economic front, it is actually a wartime scenario, calling for desperate measures, but the war machines here are non-tangible items. I can only say Beware! And also Beware the Weariness of War!!

A quote from the introduction to the third part of my book:


This part is actually a sort of forewarning, and an attempt to give guidelines on how to ward off the imminent threat of what may later be understood as the attack of the evil empires.


Well, is it actually recession? Aren’t the experts using terminology to hide behind a phenomenon that they can’t understand?

It is not recession that has happened, but absolute failure of all British & American based businesses, and industries, and its fallout elsewhere. Was the catastrophe a sudden happening like one would say is an earthquake?

Actually, if the current shallow understanding continues, no British/American business will exist beyond a few number of years. All workers from these nations shall stand redundant. It required no genius to perceive it years back. (A few years back I had posted a write-up under the title: What one could lose? I can’t find it now on the board now. In that, one member had replied and taunted me with the words: ‘British workers would become redundant?’ I just picked up this word ‘redundant’ for use here.)

And an aside: America running all around the world trying to pump in democracy into weird nations, at the same time allowing itself to be punctured by disintegrative parasites from those same nations, may later look like a most silly and gullible action.

Is America guided by its own national interests or is it simply catering to a lot of mutually antagonistic and opportunistic interests brought in by these vile elements, now in commanding positions in their own native nations, due to American domicile?

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