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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Britain in Recession: The stuff of nightmare

I should say that I did foresee this possibility many, many years ago. What is painful is that no one understands what the full possibilities this term ‘recession’ really means. All such previous economic experiences were from the old world, when the globe was pretty big, and international borders and nationality, and sovereignty more or less distinctly definable.

In the last thirty years or so, the British administrators have been extremely delinquent and also unintelligent in understanding what is the essential quality that made Britain exist. The general feeling was that there was some sort of divinity existent in Great Britain. The fact is that this divinity was in the social cohesion made possible by the English language.

In the last so many years, Britain has been made to change from an English nation to a nation catering to so many corrosive inputs. I am not sure if Britain can hold together if a scenario similar to when the Germans came attacking appears again on the horizon. The modern conquering need not necessarily with munitions, guns and aircrafts, but by the weapon of economic might.

Even the concept of money seems to have been very unclear. Actually money is the coding of power (or workable force) into a form that it can be transmitted from one place to another. Allowing money from outside nations to come and buy up England is simply equivalent to allowing an army to come and conquer. Allowing outside nationalities to come and be economic bosses can also be similar to dressing oneself in slavery. That much is the difference between English and many other national languages. If the present idiocy continues, before long the famous song lines Britons never never shall be slaves, shall be sung in mockery.

Actually, in the last few weeks I wanted to write on so many items connected to the rapid change I have been seeing. Time is the limiting factor.

Why I am concerned is not just that these themes are more or less in sharp synchronization with my old book, but also that Britain is a unique phenomenon in this world, and there is responsibility to see that it endures.

Even now, I have to write fast, for other engagements are waiting. Yet, to list just a few items:

British sovereignty has been made into mincemeat, and scattered and squandered.

The homeland of English has become the playground of languages which are corrosive to everything that one identifies with English and England.

Economic Shah Jahans from outside have been given the free go inside the nation to buy it up.

The English social culture is going to be compromised and forced into paranoiac seclusion, and other inimical cultures given the freehand, with them all claiming diabolic rights, by just waving the racial discrimination card. It will be a real mad scene in the coming days, unless purposeful remedial action is taken.

The national leaders are absolutely using the bank balance or legacy of earlier British social strengths. They themselves have solidly squandered it instead of maintaining it.

Britons will find it difficult to find work elsewhere other than when they are in a superior position. It is not really connected to their colonial hangover or to a stiff upper lip or to a shallow superiority complex. But, because the language they possess has trained them to exist at a higher mental level. The word mental is wrong here, but I can’t find another appropriate word. Yet, if I say my post on the Decorated British Soldier turning a murderer shall be a pointer to more such events in the offing.

When Britain goes under, it will be a terrible scene, for the insides links are all being corroded. How it will hold on, I wonder. What many see in the present recession is only a freak phenomena; I see in it the rapid changes in the inner social codes.

When the Britons come under the tutelage of outsiders, who are used to shackling immense of their native populations in chains, then it will be a tragedy for the world.

When the people turn desperate to keep away from irking social inputs, corruption may creep in. When it is seen that certain persons are able to practice nepotism and get away with it, it sure can be a damper to patriotic spirits.

I am sure that my writings here may seem simply a senseless rambling. Yet, I am sure that there are merits in it, which needs profundity to discern. I hope to explain my words in the near future.

I am concluding now. Yet, let me say with emphasis that Britain and English systems are one of the best, or possibly the best in the world. Yet, shallow educators seem to have succeeded in encasing the newer generation with a profound sense of guilt, for historical successes, which they can’t understand.


I feel urged to write, but am burdened by the absolute paucity of time. May I just post these few words?

The British leadership is absolutely in the dark about what it is dealing with. The issue is not connected to simple principles of the silly subject of Economics. What is at work is the manoeuvring of mighty software programs with global and universal strings. Maybe it is something akin to Black Magic. But not really so.

I have no time to explain more. Yet, would it be preposterous to say that what needs to be done is to decouple and to prevent the passing on of powerful auras to competing persons who hold the evil strangling leadership of an immensity of slavish people and unearned resources? There is still the parade of errors going on. I have stood and watched it going on for years.

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