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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
It Won’t Work!, An epitaph for the British!!!

I am sorry to say that it won’t work. I am talking about the various programs initiated to tackle the recession. The English nations are now dealing with something that is directly in the ‘twilight zone’. Beyond the purview of modern economic theories. I believe that I had mentioned this item a few years back.

To put things in a few words (I don’t have time to say more), what needs to be done is to decouple.

The funny thing was that a few months back, I did hear ‘learned’ Indian economist say the same thing. They wanted India to decouple from the English nations, for the claim was that the English nations were going done, and if India is connected to them, they will drag India down with it. Somehow, they had forgotten that the sudden wealth of the last few years was what had seeped out of the English nations.

Even Obama is not really looking straight at the issue. What needs to be tackled is not international recession, but recession in the English nations. Most of the third world nations are just the beneficiaries and not the actual wealth producers. If recession in the English nations is tackled, things will improve everywhere.

There is another very important issue, which cannot be explained here. But, it is connected to a very non-tangible issue of a superior energy seeping out of English nations. That is connected to a wrong perception of the theme of human equality, which English nations promote without understanding the real powerful meaning this has. It literally allows them to be equated to lower energy areas of the non-tangible code areas. Numerical values go down. Price, intrinsic human value, and many other un-understandable things in English is an issue here. Value of English workers could go down.

To put the theme in few words:

English banking system should sever links with those of many selected nations.

Don’t try to tackle International recession, try to deal with national recession.

Make cutting links with the European Union an immediate and priority issue.

Bring in statutory ordinances to remove the millstone known as immigrants.

Remove foreign workers.

Make anything that takes money out of the nation an unconstitutional act, including judicial rulings.

Stop Call Centre BPO, for it really makes English nationals to feel that they are equal to persons who exist on the lower mental grade of third world nations. It is a heavily degrading issue, and one that inserts in negative forces on human personality. I must admit, my statement looks very uncanny; however, there are more uncanny forces at work in the internal codes.

Don’t shy away from saying things that one feels is correct, but refrains from, due to issues of propriety. It is really a wartime situation. Do it.

Limit the right of foreign persons to use national judiciary to stand and fight against national interests. Understand what is ‘national interests’ and what is extra-national interests.

Promote the buying of internally produced goods. Call it unpatriotic to take superior technical knowledge to help business magnates of competing nations.

Declare with conviction that English nations are different, in varying levels from different nations. Give a rating for each nation as to how far it is in synchronisation with English mood. Such terminologies as formal ‘democracy’ etc. has no meaning, and is all nonsense.

Consolidate national wealth. Stop external wars. (there are more issues connected to this).

Remember everyday that it is wartime situation; the enemy has entered the insides; there is need for a deliberate forceful stance. It is a time for call to arms.

Don’t depend fully on politicians; appeal to the monarchy!!! Remember the words in G B Shaw’s The Apple Cart. The King says:

I stand for the future and the past, for the posterity that has no vote and the tradition that never had any. I stand for the great abstractions: for conscience and virtue; for the eternal against the expedient; for the evolutionary appetite against the day’s gluttony; for intellectual integrity, for humanity, for the rescue of industry from commercialism and of science from professionalism, for everything that you desire as sincerely as I, but which in you is held in leash by the Press, which can organise against you the ignorance and superstition, the timidity and credulity, the gullibility and prudery, the hating and hunting instinct of the voting mob, and cast you down from power if you utter a word to alarm or displease the adventurers who have the Press in their pockets. Between you and that tyranny stands the throne. I have no elections to fear.

If these lines of mine seem stupid, I pity the English. It might be time to write an epitaph for the British.


The movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is on the TV. It more or less depicts the national effect of bringing in lower wage workers from outside. The social scene and the English residences look very impoverished. The foresight is fantastic, eventhough not emphasised in the film.

See this link: Attack of the evil empires.

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