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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
What I really meant, The alien experience

I think I have written about 200 short to lengthy write-ups in this forum. Even though at times, I did stray across to diverse themes, the central motivating factor was my understandings on why English does have a different historical and social experience.

It has been my experience here that my aims were severely misunderstood.

anton (March of the Evil Empires)


Is there the minimal possibility that the embedded social structure of the tongue you are striving to convey has it’s foundation in, Vladivian, the language from the planet Vlad.

I am well aware that vladians, the natives of that obscure Planet, are reknown for extracting the urine without fear, or favour and I identify with an inner feeling that this is exactly what is taking place now.

JustinofOz (March of the Evil Empires)


I have to hand it to you Anton. The term: “Taking the piss” has never in my experience, been so well phrased.

Sledgehead (What one could lose)


I think ved should learn to use English properly before he starts pontificating about its benefits. A little less obfuscation in his pseudo-didactic, specious, nonsense and a little more by way of plain words

I have quoted all these with perfect non-emotion. But what it can show here is that I have been superbly misunderstood.

First of all I do not and also, cannot have any racial aims. Even though, such a feeling has been imputed. For, I am not White. Second, I cannot ascribe any racial superiority to the English race. For then, I would necessarily have to keep them above me, on the sole basis of their race.

Moreover, I am not trying to web a weird scenario by knitting together a lot of English words, and presenting a theme that can exist only in the spaces created by my words.

There is actually a very real reality that I am trying to convey.

There is a real difference in English language, at least with regard to some languages. It is not a thing that one can call superior. May be it can be one that one can call as very common.

See this sentence of mine: (on feudal languages)

Ved (Feudal languages)


Also, many of them have words (towards the lower person) that sound either really sharply insulting, or purely vulgar. Also, many such words can really allow intrusive domination to the superior, to the extent of allowing any level of penetrating questions, and taunting.

What I am trying to convey is the sheer real mental power, speaking English can bestow to the speaker. He literally goes beyond the sting of the above-mentioned stamping. Also, it removes the atrociousness of the superior, as seen in feudal language societies.

Also, reflect on the persevering effects of this (feudal) communication system on a society, when millions of persons continuously use it in each and every interaction. Also, the hammering effect it can have on each individual’s features, and personality, as the differing mental affects gets converted into permanent features.

Actually, the only crime that I seem to have done here is that I am trying to promote my book. I am not claiming that my writing style is suburb or that it is perfection. Actually these things do not matter. What matters is that it does contain an immensity of scenarios of how the negativity of infected languages can soil any social structure. And the looming threat for English societies.

For example, consider this scenario: think of one student in a British school, who came from a feudal language nation. His instinctive thinking process and natural tongue is the feudal one. He starts speaking English to his schoolmates.

Then one fine morning, another student from the same nativity joins him in school. When both of them meet and speak together in their native tongue, then the scenario changes. It is actually a very, very different world. A lot of fellowmates, staff and others would really get soiled by being brought to the mean levels of the feudal language phrases.

In the feudal social systems, actually this can even lead to murder. So, it is done in a contained manner. Yet, in the English society, it can be done openly. For here no one understands the tongue. But there is a grave deterioration going on. Maybe the real affects of the decay can be discerned only in a cumulative form, after much time has elapsed. By that time, the source would be untraceable. And the affect would be seen as a malevolent behaviour in one of the natives.

Now let me be more elaborate. Language is the common link that exists between all human beings. And in all relationships this is the common factor. And even in English, one finds that one has to be choosy with words, or else the mental affect that it can convey can be very distorted.

Before going further, let me say that what English gives to the speaker is a very, very easy to interact language. It can really help immensely in all sorts of social situations, including that of military adventure. Whereas many other languages can create moods of intense animosity, ego clashes, jealousy, insecurity, aversion to communicate etc. English can literally move back and forth with the minimum of mental friction. (Please bear in mind, I am not saying that such emotions do not exist in English societies. Only that the language does play only a minimal role here, in creating such feelings).

Now what I have dealt with in my book is not just this theme; actually this theme remains only as a background; for the book moves through themes, scenes, and scenarios from all sorts of sources: history, British colonial experiences, mental calibre, family relationships, women, children, labour relationships, business off shoring, European Union, English soldiers going for joint military campaigns with feudal language soldiery, like that immense themes. Actually I would say that almost each individual paragraph of my book deals with a different theme.

But then I needed also to first bring out the theory.

Now, even though I could claim that my writings are pure mental acrobatics, it is not the complete truth. I have immense experiences to back up my contentions. Including the fact that I have a solid piece of evidence as to what could happen to any person, even from Asian racial background, if he or she is brought up in a perfect English social atmosphere to the exclusion of any feudal language infliction. Most of his anomalous facial expressions disappear.

Now let me do some quoting from this very debate forum.

Welshman (Feudal Languages)


If you have no ‘real’ knowledge of language, how can you possibly dream up such a strange, unconnected theory of the origin and import of language? Unless it’s sole purpose is to try and justify a strange idea of racial superiority, such as was attepted by the nazi regime of Hitler prior to his losing the European war

Rich (European Union)


I would say the Dutch are allot more allike to us than the Germans, having lived and travelled extensively through both countries. I speak both german and english, and I find it interesting that when I speak german in Holland I am ussually met with a certain amount of hostillity. The moment I start speaking english, smiles appear, and I instantly feel more accepted. Interesting how much difference a language makes.

Rich(European Union)


The ideas you are putting forward are quite interesting. I would like to know how you came to the conclusions you did. Although I don’t know allot about them, I have always been interested in the orrigins of language. I find it interesting that what you infered is so accurate in real terms.

Germans (and this is a very general statement) are still a fairly insular poeple as far as I can tell. Where ever I visit I find German society based very heavily on connections. The idea is you’ll do fine if you know the local mayor, policeman and teacher. Not much thought is given to what goes on in the next Kreis (county) let allone in the country as a whole. This has probably got something to do with the fact that the Germans have been a group of fairly insular tribes, or dukedoms far longer than they have been a nation. The issue of nationallity is very low key. There is also a more relaxed attitude to obaying laws, and a general feeling that there is no point in voicing oppinions on a national scale, since no one ever listens anyway.



I think Ved has a point. I am not sure how I know that he may be correct, but I feel it.

Now let me quote one quote from another theme:

Sunflower (An appraisal of Mental Sciences)


When given the chance to prove what I can do in a supportive and non-threatening atmosphere, I can do all sorts of things - but when I feel that I’m being “weighed in the balance and found wanting”, I tend to get stressed and then I can’t do even the simplest things properly.

Now can you see a similarity in the above writing with a part from my covering letter that I sent many years ago to Macmillan UK, along with the initial version of my book?

Ved (Envisage, and forestall the perils)


some languages like English giving the individual breathing space to develop their individuality and for exercising their intelligence coherently without a feeling of some one breathing downs ones neck; other languages suppressing the individuals freedom of movement, articulation, and gesture, and the ability to use their brain in a space of unfettered and unhindered freedom.

What can be seen is that feudal languages do inherently have spike like communication programmes that can create mental tension; and the consequent effect of decreasing one’s ability to think and act coherently.

Ultimately my book does comeback to the theme of what would happen to English nations, if they do not understand the real strangling strength that lies in feudal languages. Do not take this statement in a trifling manner. For, the real social and mental mess available in many negative nations are really connected to the vileness in their communication systems. And it needs to be contained. Very much so, in this age of high-speed international interactions. And these nations also stand to gain much in understanding these themes.

I think I have written a lengthy post.

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