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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Policy or Racism

I have no business to post here, but my intellect is stirred. I am not in Britain, nor am I a ‘White”. However to see English gullibility being pricked and poked is painful. I can understand the problem a non-white migrant over there can face, but then there is always the other side. A soft nation and its citizens are bearing a swarming of the nation from all over world, helpless and made defenseless by their own effeminate (no male chauvinism intended) laws.

As for myself, I have borne English so-called snobbishness with equanimity, for I have seen the realities of other snobbishness. The English one is far, far softer. I think I can understand the roots of the English snobbishness, and I can only sympathize with it. It doesn’t mean that I am happy to experience it, but then, it is understandable and far better than many other.

It’s In the Way

It’s in the way you patronize

There are other ways to patronize. Not do-able in English!

The way that you avert your eyes

What is the way you avert your own eyes?

The way that you cannot disguise

Your looks of horror and surprise

Perhaps there is something horrifying?

It’s the assumptions that you make

On my behalf and for my sake

Perhaps because of not able to understand the weirdness?

And in the way you do not hear

Well, there are things that is not audible and perhaps beyond material content?

The things we tell you loud and clear

Too loud, and but not very clear?

It’s in the way you touch my hair

Well, other’s actions do irritate others, in most languages; not much in English.

The way you think, The way you stare

Should there be a regimented thinking enforced?

It’s right there in your history

What might be other histories?

Just like slavery for me

People generally run to England to escape slavery, and not the other way round! Perhaps, you have not seen real slavery!

It’s in the language that you use

English? Well, that is being funny!

The way that you express your views

There are other ways to express views. Sri Lanka? India? Pakistan? Africa?

The way you always get to choose

The way we lose

Being in England is not a loss, but a gain. But unappreciated!

It’s when you say ‘No offence to you’

And then offend me, as you do

Well, there are worse methods to offend, and done with not equivalent politeness!

It’s in your paper policy

Designed by you, for you, not me

Well, the British policies are stupid, there is no doubt about that!

It’s in the power you abuse

Abuse of power in England? Well, England seems to be slipping. Turning into India?

It’s on TV, it’s in the news

It’s in employment, in your school

Try a public (I mean government) school in India or Pakistan?

The way you take me for a fool

Fool? The English are currently foolish!

It’s in the way you change my name

Compulsory changing of name? Is it true? In most other nations, everyone tries to get a respectful suffix desperately. Perhaps that gets removed over there?

The way that you deny my pain

Pain? Isn’t it exhilarating to be in an English nation? There are millions all over the world who would give much to reach over there.

It’s in the way that you collude

Collude? No one else does?

To tell me it’s my attitude

Could there really be something wrong in the attitude?

It’s in your false democracy

Try a better democracy for a change? India is currently in fashion! South American nations also can be an alternative suggestion. Or why not South Africa for a change?

It’s in the chains you cannot see

Non tangible chains? Well, that is there is most feudal languages, but rare in English.

It’s how you talk equality

Equality? Well, that is not there in most of the other language communication.

And then you put it back on me

It’s in the way you get annoyed

And say I must be paranoid

Social Paranoia is a phenomenon in many Asian and possibly some European nations. England may be catching it.

It’s in the way we have to fight

Create fights in England? Well, isn’t it time to bid farewell to the place?

For basic fundamental human rights

Basic fundamental human rights? Well, come to India and see things for a change!

It’s in the invasion of my space

Invasion of personal space? Don’t grudge the blessings which others view with envy.

It’s how you keep me in my place

Keeping a person in his place is not possible in English. See the Black slaves of two centuries back US, and see the legally free slaves of India. The latter is perfectly kept in place, but not the English speaking Blacks

It’s the oppression of my race

English oppression is really laughable oppression. Visit any Asian or certain European nation police station as an accused. That oppression will remain on the face for days.


Living in English nations are discernible on the face!

Well, I did not mean any offence; please take it as a intellectual jugglery. For, I am sure that no inputs like this are going to change the sweep of history that is moving England to some terrible destinations. Perhaps it is destined. Or may be there shall be redemption before long.

There is a lot of racism and such things that springs up intermittently over there. It is like a walking stick; a support and also a weapon. But has anyone dared to gauge what is the cumulative social cost and negative affects of non-English populations swarming the nation. It is not an imaginary scene, and very much real. Something like what is the negative affect, what is the source, where is it embedded inside the alien population, and what pains it can bring to England and to the English natives?

Perhaps, if the social system dares to take up this issue honestly, with the participation and support of an honest immigrant population, then future problems can be averted. For, the immigrants can also identify where negativity lies embedded in them. Otherwise, I fear in years to come many soft natives will end up in jail accused of at least using racial slurs, and ultimately a civil war may erupt. And trust me, in the final analysis, it is not color that provokes, but some other things that goes beyond colour. Colour only helps identify, but then it is not a trustworthy guide in modern times. That colour is not the essential irritatant is proved by the fact that the US is ruled by a man with a black colour, voted to power by a White majority population.

There is essentially the issue of persons arriving as guests, and then demanding rights. In England it is okay, I believe, but in most other nations, it can provoke violent reactions!

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