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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Barack Obama, Defining his demeanour

I had not heard of Barack Obama a few months back. When I first saw him on a TV screen, I was quite impressed. I discerned more than mere physical colour, something more subtle. He was obviously a black man, with an extremely elegant English demeanour.

I wanted to use him in a theme on the affect of English on personalities, but then events seem to overtake my scarcity of time. I do not know much about his ancestry, but then I keep hearing the words ‘first African-American’ in every mention of him. I do not think that this is an apt term to describe him. In no way can he can he fit into that description, other than the silly link to some bloodline. Bloodlines have only very limited influence in creating personality.

He reflects the spirited influence of English upbringing; in demeanour, spirit, and mental freedom. In every way, he is an English man, with a black paint on him. Starkly different from similar coloured persons who call themselves Britons and speaks Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Afghani and other mumbo jumbo.

I write so much because I just heard that he has more or less reached the doorway to President-ship of the USA. Before concluding, let America also acknowledge its British ancestry based on English language and antiquity. Otherwise, there is no logic to its capacities.

As to the future problems he could face, Israel could be one. In India, the media goes on talking about his blackness, and all the super-privileged classes celebrate his success as if he belongs to them. In fact, in every writing, every talk, his blackness is emphasised; and over mentioned, lest it be forgotten. However, he does not represent Africa or Asia or even Europe in the least. If anything, it is English antiquity and its codes that he projects; spontaneously or unconsciously.

I am sure that the rich in these continents will regret his election, for he seems to be a man with a lot of discerning power, and could take command of a situation that has simply gone awry. He may be able to see that the USA comes out of the situation of being hostage to so many anti-national and para-national interests and elements. And free America from the economic raiders, and from the shifty fortune hunters who move globally, after looting their own native nations.

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