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Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The Hallowed Persons: How they create themselves?

India is full of hallowed persons. It is possible that there are many nations in the world, including Europe, which are afflicted with this malady.

In every village, small town, social group, institution, and all other such comparable things, there are persons who occupy, or should occupy, positions of revere and veneration. In almost all ways, this feature is associated with the language of the place.

Due to the fact that this phenomenon cannot be featured from an English social scenario, I need to pull this article to a feudal language setting. I apologise for this, but I cannot do otherwise.

For the sake of extreme convenience, I take the strikingly feudal Indian language of Malayalam here for the sake of extrapolation.

Think of one young man named Balan. He is addressed as Balan, referred to as Balan, and lower levels of words are associated with him, since he is a social non-entity. One fine morning, he manages to pay a lofty amount to some semi-government management school, and becomes a lower primary school teacher, to teach 1st standard students.

His calibre for this vocation is doubtful and of dubious standards, if any. Yet the moment he arrives at this position, he becomes Balan master or Balan sar. It is a tremendous change. All words connected to him, in the feudal language turns to that of the superior level. That is the words he, him, his, and so many other connected words changes to the higher variety.

Once this set in, the power of the words starts working on the social mindset. When he arrives, people have to get up, there is need to give him precedence, when he talks people have to extend silent attention; that is how the language works, else it would seem marked impertinence.

Balan himself feels the change; his words turn measured; he tread with a lofty stance of heaviness, his earlier agility of movement is replaced with a studied slowness. (If he feels that some are not conceding to his new identity, there may also be marked fastness to his movements.) Yet all these visibly negative changes are of positive value in this new setting.

He now has an aura that protects him much. He can display much simplicity in his words and actions, for they add to his hallow. He can do many things with absolute social visibility, which others lacking this halo wouldn’t dream of doing; he can go and sit with the lowly and the downtrodden, and condescend to be one with them, for they allow him a mental space with exists much above the physical levels of equality, that is being displayed.

The more he does all this, the more his halo grows. Yet, if the question of did all this improve the dignity or status of the lower class? come up, the answer would be a resounding, no. For, in all these interactions, actually it is the dignity of the sainted man, which goes up; not of the guys who are told to revere him.

He becomes App (Highest level of You) (in Hindi), and they are still Thu (Lowest level of You); he is Oun (Highest level of He), and they still are Ous (Lowest level of He). In Hindi, he has a Ji affixed to the tail part of his name. The others are devoid of this.

He talks of many attainments he has received from his so-called mental capacities, and he exhorts others to act likewise to receive their own share of these experiences. Yet, he refuses to tell them the secret that all these are possible for him, only because of the aura the words are providing him. For, if for a single second, the aura given by the words desert him, he is more or less in a pitiable position; the vulnerability that would descend on him is not conveyable to an English mind.

Generally these hallowed persons are intelligent to understand the complexities of the attributes and how to play the game effectively. One of the best modus operandi to play the game is to have someone at hand, to convey the hollowness to others. That is, there should always be someone at hand to display to a newcomer the venerated position of the dignitary. Someone must address loudly for others to hear, the right words with the embedded codes of respect. Once this is conveyed, the rest is much easy. This essential sycophant exhibits a certain system of bodily movements that convey the greatness of the personality. Rest of the items immediately fall into position.

These hallowed persons take care to move only with their halo creating machineries along with them.

Just one follower with the least of intelligence would do the trick. For, it is a known thing everywhere that the essential quality a leader should have is to have a follower, nothing else. In this case, its essentiality rises to the nth degree.

The after-effects are actually of incredible proportions.

PS: How do I justify the presence of this article on a British site? It is just a continuation of my other writings here. And possibly, in the modern age no nation is immune to social diseases that exists beyond the borders.

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