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Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Heaping a Sieve

The shallow pedantry

I have not had the chance to read extensively books on Mental Sciences and those on Economic Sciences, but from the rare occasions that I have come across pedantry from those fields, I had a creepy feeling that both had something in common. The commonness was in the fact that both were declaiming very superfluous theories and information on subjects about which the theoreticians had very merger knowledge. In the case of mental sciences, many of the modern theoreticians could be dealing with the hardware part or what can be called the very visible part of the huge depth. I am not denying the advances in this field, but still it is in an infancy level, and the point of view could be in an entirely wrong direction.

The same is more or less the case with Economic theories, which are all more or less dealing in the very obvious levels of understanding. Actually there are very fine, yet powerful codes that come into play in both these fields, as in all other human levels of activity.

I am quoting an entire post of mine in the Post: Train and Coach Travel, which is in the thread Government Policy > Transport. I did the posting on: Sep 17 2004.


I apologise for taking the topic off-track.

I do not know whether I might be on the right track about this. But, it seems that what you are experiencing is the beginning stages of the phenomena known as globalisation.

Any business having an international link would have to dip its rates to the lowest bottoms, which would have to reflect the strength of weaker currency nations. For, almost all infrastructure, and personnel may have to be brought into parity with the developing nations’ standards. It can be felt in the Airlines, and many other areas. For example, if the BBC is employing staff and infrastructure from third world nations, the expense would come down drastically.

I feel that there is a lot more to be understood, when moving through this twilight zone period. And one may not find the right answers if one just goes through the traditional economic theories, like that of Mercantilism, Adam Smith, laissez faire, free market economy, demand and supply, dynamic checks and balances of economic activity etc. For, they may not be fully equipped to understand the comprehensive and overwhelming effects of this phenomenon.

But then, many years ago, I was severely admonished for stepping into areas, which remain the domain of experts (in my nation).

As for the theme on rail travel, I find it interesting that in my writings (book) there was a theme with really does resonate on the very theme that was discussed here.

Virus being installed

Basically, what is happening is that the economic scene has been inundated by the non-English systems. Even though, one may say that there is the European experience, actually, France, Germany and other so-called capitalistic nations were more or less connected to the English economic systems, without being able to harm it much, even though, the Italian immigrants did sow havoc on American social mood, yet, they couldn’t really dismantle it.

An illustration

However, the situation is really, really different now. To use a model to just to illustrate the point, let me say that the English systems are like a dam full of water and the non-English systems are like the water in the lower levels. It is not only about money power that I am alluding to, but to the codes that control many items of human existence, including certain human auras.

Now, what has been done is to give a pathway for the water in the dam to move and intermingle with the waters in the lower pane. It is natural that the water in the dam can easily get depleted. What really can get depleted need not be the money and economic strength alone, but even the human aura that I have mentioned.

The merrymakers

Have you noticed that when the economic meltdown came the economic Shah Jahans of such nations as India has remained unperturbed, or even were in a mood for merrymaking? I have heard even on the BBC the talk of India as economic superpower. It is utter nonsense. What has happened is that certain cunning guys who have bent all the statutory rules of the nation and garnered the assets of the nation, and thus have been able to propel themselves out into the higher panes of the international economic arena.

Eroding the system

For example, take the case of one of the fastest grown companies of India. The original owner of this firm has put it on record that he used to simply Salam each and every sarkari babu and get his licences okayed. Actually, what he would have done was to pay record bribery, and bow and cringe to each and every government official and get his way cleared. At the same time, all others who went through the proper channels would get way blocked by innumerable obstacles. One may think this man was just being intelligent enough to get his rightful way cleared. Actually, most of his licences wouldn’t be rightful, but plain theft of national resources.

I did once experience the negative sides of polite dignity when dealing with Indian government officials. For them polite and dignified pose by anyone is unbearable. What they want is servitude and obsequiousness, and to those who extend this, they dole out the benefits. Well, this is okay, it was their ancestral property that they are giving to their worshipers, but in reality what they were distributing to them was the national wealth.

Fallacy of a fanciful theory

I can write more about the fallouts of this current international scenario, but again time is the limiting factor, but before concluding, I need to say this:

It is about the fallacy of the Marxian theory of International workers’ fraternity. It is a false philosophy. The workers in the feudal language nations are not the brothers of the workers in the English nations, but possibly their antagonists. Again, the tragedy in this scenario is that the feudal language nation boss understands the illustration of the dam that I have mentioned. He or she will never allow his fellow people to develop. Yet, there again seems to be a contradiction in what I say.

The sinister benevolence

See the well paid Indians who work in the modern international firms. Are not their bosses paying them well?

Well, there are actually three sides to this. One is that the national firms pay huge salaries to their regional managers and unit head and supervisors, for it gives them the mental strength to communicate with seniors in the bureaucracy, so that again it helps the company to get its way through the maze of administrative blocks. For, in the feudal communication structure, without a huge pay packet to show, the bureaucratic seniors would not like them to communicate at a level of intelligent equality with them.

Second, they have small time franchisees everywhere, who they later squeeze out of business and acquire the area for their own direct office. The poor franchisees who have invested money are severely humbled by the grandness of the company officials’ pay and perk and there are made to enter into a servitude mode when dealing with the company. This allows the company to ride roughshod over them, and squeeze them out without them being able to argue back.

The third factor is that the highly paid staffs exist as a very strong and loyal framework, which lends power to the company, but not to the common citizen.

The depths that creates the heights

Now, about such economic Shah Jahans taking over the national economic power: Well, their heights are caused by the depths of the others. The society they create is not like the English ones, where the common citizen doesn’t have a squeezed out and punctured looks, caused by the horrible hammer effects of feudal language usages. Moreover, their ways of business work is to dismantle all systems and conventions of administration.

Also, has it been noticed that when one talks about Asian economic power, it deal very little with the realities on the ground?

When the enemy makes use of one’s one machineries

As to the English nations, all their so-called fine institutions, like jurisprudence, laws, courts, democracy and much else are going to work against them. For, no one seems to have had the sense to declare this is ‘our’ nation, and this nation basically exists first and foremost for the natives here. And that all judicial rulings that erode and drain out the national economic power and capacity to the outside are spontaneously invalid. The outsiders are welcome here, but they are the outsider and have no right to dictate. What has been done instead, is all outsiders who enter are natives, and dictate terms , based on their native land mental programs.

The cadaverous aura

Before closing one more aspect, I need to tell. As British workers, and as also any English speaking worker of any colour, black, white or yellow, are allowed to become equal to a worker who is working in the slavish domains of the feudal language environment, they lose something called the aura, and a very evil, negative, cadaverous human aura will settle on them.

The codes that overwhelm

I can explain later, what I have made clear many years ago. In feudal language areas, economic activity is not really based on Adam Smith, laissez faire, free market economy, demand and supply, dynamic checks and balances of economic activity . Very powerful communication codes overwhelm and overpower them and the codes of economic activity move through some other lanes paved by different codes.

Heaping the sieve

As to the American reaction to the economic meltdown by pouring money into the depleted economic containers are just like heaping into a sieve. Just a minor shake and everything will drain out again. The reality of many recent phenomena, including that of the housing market, is that there is no money in the hands of the people. Instead of throwing good money into the drain, deal with this problem. Understand what has gone wrong, and then deal with that information. Everything else will fall in line automatically.

Now, isn’t America on a dangerous mood, and display of wealth. I speak from experience, and seeing the lives of immense persons. Wealth should not be allowed to dissolve. It rarely comes back, if allowed to scatter and thin out. There is also another danger. Imagine investing one hundred thousand in some venture. If the whole amount is there, it is powerful, but at the same time, if each time, only 10,000 is allowed to come and do the work, it is not a powerful enough to turn mighty flywheels. The flywheels slightly shift position and come to a halt again. Then again 10 thousand is made to come in, and again the same process repeats. Ultimately the whole Hundred thousand is spent, with no returns to show. What I am hinting is as American money starts vanishing into deep gorges, the money it has starts having less power and returns start becoming smaller.

No wealth is inexhaustible.

I want to say more, but my time is, and the reader’s endurance possibly is, getting exhausted.

A poser

Before closing, I would pose a question: Which would give the creeps to the English? An economically powerful feudal language nation, or an economically powerful, English speaking Canada?

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