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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Leading international organisations

I just heard on the BBC an interview with a London School of Economic Professor, he saying that there is nothing wrong in the developing nations’ claiming right to leadership in IMF. .He mentioned a few nations like China, India, and South American nations.

Even though I do not have much time to write on intellectual issues, at present, I thought that this much time I should spare.

There is everything wrong in any citizen from these nations coming to head such organisations. His declamation to the contrary simply shows the cocoon like intellectual status he has, simply sitting inside the encasement of the subject of Economics. Economic is not a subject that is an island. It is connected to immense other human features, including social emotions, culture and language. Nothing about human behaviour is an isolated entity. All are connected.

There is first the need to understand why all persons from these nations simply want to vanish into the English nations, and why many of these nations simply have extremely distressing and unbearable social systems. Simple understandings of social areas where the citizens of these nations live in a sort of best of both world, is not a deep understanding of these nations.

In these nations, the man in authority or social or official positions are simply beyond the levels of communication of the common man, and also beyond his level of critical purview. Simply allowing persons in authority from these nations to don international organisations is simply allowing them to spoil these organisations also.

I do not see anything intelligent in English nations creating fine systems and institutions simply to hand them over to people who have nothing to show of innate capacities to maintain these systems at supreme levels.

Before the developing nations’ leaders can claim for such privileges, let them first exhibit their capacity to create suburb social systems in their own nations, before embarking on despoiling endeavours of systems created by the English world.

Being mesmerised by the enchantment of the newly attained miniscule glory supported by the BPO revolution that came from the English west is just being deceived into false understanding by looking at the splendour of Taj Mahal, and the ruins of Vijayanagar Empires in South India. The splendour does not reflect the reality of the real local masses. Actually they are symbols of an enslaved population, and of the existence of a very cunning over-lording social group.

Do not let these groups garner strength beyond the shores. There is no doubt they will be in a hurry, and have all the arguments ranging from international democracy, freedom of speech, individual liberty, human rights, equality of individual, racial prejudice, heritage, antiquity, intellectual capacity and much else to forward their case. Do not fall for it. It is all simple rhetoric.

It is not a problem of individual capacity and calibre, but of the opening of doors to malignant systems and vile social righteousness, to gnaw on refinement, all with a pose of elegant mannerism.

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