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Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Envisaging the future, Enlarging on Evansthespy’s misgivings

Perceiving the future

When the Y2K issue became known, I happened to contemplate on the clever encodings inside. At a superficial glance it was only a deficiency in a computer programming; to be addressed at a competitive tariff by using low cost computer professionals from the developing nations. Yet, the whole event could be visualised from a wider spectrum and from another dimension. At this level, Y2K was a very clever program which had the codes to redesign the very face of employment in America. It was to bring in low cost computer professionals to America, arm them with immense information, financial acumen, and also insights on the American business world. Vigorous changes were to come about in International financial balance.

I don’t intend to discuss this more here; other than to say that seeming minor incidences are loaded with powerful future eventualities.

This writing is in reaction to the writings of Evansthespy in general, calling for a serious study on the long-term impact of immigration on Great Britain.

An allegory from South Africa

In my book, when I first wrote it in 1989 itself I had dealt on South Africa. To be honest, I do not know much about South Africa, other than that South African Whites were once described to me in UAE as Second Class Whites (in 2000); the first class being British and other English nationalities.

I do not know if the nation at present is in a good condition or not. I believe that before it went for universal suffrage, it was a golden nation. It is easy to predict that this nation is now heading for pitiable scenarios. Just see what happened to Rhodesia and many other Black ruled nations in Africa.

Inadequacy of the yardstick

Yet, when I use this type of yardstick, I am making a serious error in judgement. For it seems to point to the superiority of the Whites when compared to Blacks. Yet, again this is not a true situation. For, can anyone with some sense say that East and many West European nations, including Germany and Italy, can produce the same quality societies as produced by English speakers? (I am aware that there are certain very good other nations also in Europe). Germany and Italy bereft of regimentation would resemble a slightly better shade of Black African nations.

What is wrong with the African Blacks?

The question rises why the Blacks in Africa fail to produce or at least maintain the bequeathed legacy of superior social systems. If one were to simply say that they lack the intelligence or that they are genetically weaker, it would amount to simple nonsense. For, the quality of the American-educated blacks can belie this suggestion.

Why do the Blacks in Africa seem to disintegrate into mutually bickering groups? Why corruption seems an intelligent machinery for social and financial prosperity? Why collective intelligence fail to collect the pieces together and maintain the social fabric?

England as implausibility

Now, we do need to come back to England: and ask similar questions: Why did England always win despite having gone through immense close calls? What makes the social fabric not rip, when external forces of disintegration bear on it with shearing power?

The existence of England or let me Great Britain over the centuries is a really a most implausible incident in human history. Any other nation of its size, would have been gobbled up repeatedly every 50 years by its neighbours; the men made mincemeat and the women stretched to their limits. Yet, this has not happened. Why?

What made England cohesive, without the input of regimentation? What would be the effect of mass immigration on this easy social communication set-up, and what are its long-term fallouts?

A slight digression

I need to digress slightly to my language understandings. In English communication, the common man is connected to each other with links that are not ambiguous, or of transitory or oscillatory character.

This dialogue of mine is pedantic and scholarly, and fit for the academicians. To put it in more candid terms, it means thus: the common man is linked by the words You, He and She; Mr, Mrs. etc. (I am trying to be brief).

This link though simple and seemingly of no particular significance, is really unique in that such simple man to man link is very rare in most nations, especially in those with dubious history.

Where the immigrants differ

When speaking about immigrants to England, this is a point where they differ from immigrants to most other nations. For example, an immigrant from Pakistan to India will bring along with him link-codes which are similar to what is in existence in India.

Canyons in the cohesiveness

Making rules and laws on immigration, multiculturalism, foreign-language study, allowing foreign employers to function inside Britain, allowing immigrants to bring employees from their own nations, allowing immigrants to form their own townships and much else, without taking cognisance of what I am saying can bring in deep canyons in the nation’s cohesiveness.

The three fold links

To put it in more frank terms, many immigrants would bring in social and familial communication based on at least 3 levels of You, He and She (and much else). The effect of each level may vary in different languages. Yet, generally the persons involved in such uncanny form of interacting exist in a very sinister mental mood, and a sort of competition and emotional triggers which simply do not exist in English plays in them.

Each such level of words used, do produce corresponding facial expressions, some are simply taunting and some are simply adoring. Using differing words and corresponding facial expressions can simply split a cohesive group of persons into different levels and also insert a sort of un-touch-ability amongst them.

A very visible example would be a nanny from such nations, who are in a mood of simple expressive adoration for the family and the children. The other dimension to the issue is visible only when the persons from the same background are in positions of assertiveness. This assertiveness then goes beyond the ordinary English sense of the word ‘assertive’.

The atrophy down the ladder

Now, what has been is said is only a minor picture. The grand macro social picture is that when such persons exist in differing positions in the socio-economic ladder, they create communication links which are either more intimate than is professionally correct, or links which create mutually repulsive strands. The whole ladder of links gets sore and swollen.

I had described England and its historical exclusivity here. This uniqueness vanishes in an England where interpersonal links contains such slimy tracks.

How the negativity creeps through

Again there is the question of why this should disturb the man or woman who can’t understand the Mumbo-Jumbo. The answer is two-fold. First the general loosening in the total national links can bear on him and her also. Second, facial expressions and other non-tangible inputs really can limit the sphere of one’s functioning. Feelings of discomfiture can change one’s own demeanour, and also bring in rudeness and other offensive postures, as a defensive mechanism.

I had done a minor dissertation on this idea in one post here: Non-English social systems in English societies: The Essential Lubricant.

Atrophy of the administration

One of the most atrophying in systems will be in administration. Corruption would creep in. For, people would find that money is a very strong protective armour from the stings of a distressing communication link. Moreover, a very visible urge to move one’s place of residence to places where one cannot be disturbed by uncanny signals sets in.

Moreover persons, who have reached the English shores from nations famous for public corruption and bribery, would find it a serviceable tool for getting licences and overtaking protocols and precedence over there in England also; especially when they find like minded persons occupying official positions. This can set a trend and later a convention.

Slowly and steadily officials start seeking tips; initially with a shy face, then with an assertive demand. I have seen this tragedy dawning on the Malabar district of British ruled Madras Presidency. It initiated very slowly and whimpered on for about 15 to 20 years. Then suddenly it achieved the status of convention.

Naivety in rulemaking and the bombs

What I have described here is one side of the question of allowing mass immigration, wherein the laws are so laughable that a child born in a British Airways is eligible for British citizenship. I think that such rules were written by wise guys with their wits in inebriation.

Actually each immigrant can be seen as a minor bomb that creates explosions in the English systems; wherein the wiring and connecting links gets damaged. Beyond that each one of them creates a cavity that can give space to other immigrants to park themselves in. Though it may seem that I am speaking in metaphors, it is only that I am speaking from the outer world, from where the perspectives are more universal.

When am English speaker lives in a feudal language society, he or she is also a bomb there; yet, personally I feel that this bomb brings in destruction to malicious social links.

Future housing and England as a concrete jungle

When Evansthespy writes on housing issues, I must say that this is also a very serious issue. When I was staying in Delhi, there were a vast majority of persons who had not seen a mountain, a hill, a river or gone swimming. They were living in a world of unending concrete corridors, with only workplace or school a bit different. I cannot say that I do not foresee a similar civic setting for England, wherein the people are living in packed conditions. A concrete jungle. All trees gone. All civic sense corrupted; All chivalry vanished; and the schools simply parroting on the grandeur of bygone days, and long dead heroes. Such terrible changes go unnoticed, as each generation get to see only a bit of the total change.

I had done a post here on a connected issue: What happens to fine cities! And to fine nations!!

Sordid emotional attachments

Beyond that the immigrant population has no emotional attachment to British antiquity; they may find European Union as a stick of defence to protect their rights. It can bring in trans-national loyalties. I am not sure if Britain will be able to fend itself from its sharp pierces that may reach right inside.

Vulgarising of International relationships and the insulation

People used to English systems can very easily get very, very disturbed by a lot many words and usages in feudal languages; yet, what insulates them is the fact they cannot understand the words. Yet, persons who live in the same social system, like say a Brahmin or a elder person etc., when he or she hears a wrong usage by others in society can become very, very angry, and wicked. What they then try to bear down on the other would be a real murderous attack. For much less, there is periodic burning down of entire villages in India, going on even now.

This is a quote from another post of mine: The Timer, the Knell, the Codes, the Encryption

International relationship is now more or less in English. If it is done in some language like Chinese, Indian languages etc. there would be many, many words that can provoke. For, international communication then gets converted into a communication between the powerful and the non-powerful.

Actually even now there are many words being used in the realm of international relationship in other languages, with even Britain being the butt of it. Yet, the British are not bothered. For, it escapes their understandings.

For example, when the British flag was being lowered over Hong Kong in the very presence of Prince Charles; the Chinese Premier spoke in which he referred to the Prince in a term, which can at best be translated as ‘a mere Prince’. I am sure the implication of this term is much more; yet, there is no equivalent in English to transfer the tremendous degradation that could have been intended.

So far, so good.

Yet, when there are an immense number of Chinese persons inside Britain, who can understand the sense, it sure would be a creepy situation. A situation that can really be provocative enough to create slaughter. One of the great reasons why there is so much freedom of speech in English nation is that the real murderous capacity of words and sentences are not there in English. The English has no experience in this.

With more and more financial assertiveness coming in the hands of minor capitalists from feudal language nations, international communication will slowly start becoming a jumble of many languages; especially when there are immense persons practising the same languages inside English nation. It would be a scenario of sharp annoyances being transcribed for better imbibing.

The impending impulsiveness

Once the provocation emerges in England, England is not far from being a volatile nation. It sure would be a weird world for the English, who would not get a head or tail of what is going wrong, and why they are suddenly turning so irascible.

Maybe this scenario is still a long way off. Yet, faraway scenario have an uncanny way of popping up suddenly, when least expected.

When close calls come again

Now back to ‘England as implausibility’. What can happen when England is to experience close calls again? Will the implausibility turn reality?

Creating Englands everywhere

As to the nations from where the immigrants are running out: They have to focus on what is wrong with themselves, and take remedial measures so that they also can aspire to be Englands. I am sure it is there in their languages, for an expert to behold.

Envisaging the future: Enlarging on Evansthespy’s misgivings


Hi evansthespy:

The poignancy in your words is not lost. Yet, the situation here does seem a bit ridiculous. No one seems much bothered. I am not noticing any other person from your side passionately joining you in this issue. My taking a position on this issue also looks ridiculous.

I think a sort of Indianisation of England has taken place during the last 20 years or so. Why I say this is that over here in India, everyone has a feeling that events and situations are much beyond any individual person’s level of control. No one can change or improve things. Everything is going to the dogs. Make the most of it. To think too much on national outcome and such things are simply useless, and a waste of time.

Now I think the same feeling has come to England also. There is no way to control the direction the nation is moving. Let everyone think of himself and herself. Immigration has become a business, and a goldmine. Join the gold hunt. Let the nation go to the dogs.

Yet, thinking of ways and means of redeeming the situation, one need to think of what is essentially England or Great Britain.

What are its positive attributes; what are the means to conserve it?

What are being bled and how to stop the bleeding? It is not easy to contemplate on this unless the essential factors are pointed out.

Once there was a House of Lords. I know it is still in existence over there. Yet, it had once done a beautiful job of being a think-tank that scrutinised all happenings and eventualities in the nation. Is it still doing its job, or has it also joined the bandwagon of the gold hunters?

I can’t blame the immigrants. They will come like the flies that cover the juicy mango. Yet, the mango goes unhealthy by so much attention of the flies.

There are immense areas to think about. I can remind you that almost alls scientific knowledge came to the undeveloped nations from England. Yet, if one man from England comes to India and plucks a leaf and try to take it back, it becomes an issue; the papers make an issue on the looting of genetic information from India by the English. I hope you get the gist of what I am saying.

Now immense persons from England are scouting round the world recruiting persons for England, even in the sphere of university education. It is a noble thing indeed. Yet, I hope you can understand that none of these children will willingly come back.

Yet, such England-experienced-persons coming back is really a good thing for the parent nation. For, it brings in ideas of better civic living standards.

Your politicians cannot take a stand against the influx of immigrants. For the political system has fallen to the same trap that has haunted all democracies, which operated in non-English nations. The politicians get taken hostage by organised minorities.

The only other area of appeal for you I think is the royalty. Give it powers of ordinance. If properly given public support, it can act beyond the blackmail of votes. I remember The Apple Cart by G B Shaw.


Hi evansthespy:

The portrayal you have given is very distressing, no doubt. It sure does point to some strange mental attitudes, which may have their own reasons and triggers.

I feel the urge to write more; no doubt, I risk being accused of lecturing-I can’t help it.

Since the description is one of cruelty, may I point to a feature of non-English mental moods? Surely you are aware of many Asian nations’ attitudes to animals, especially when killing them. The way the Chinese, Thailand, and such other nations’ kill animals, bespeaks of immense cruelty in them. I have seen on Discovery TV programmes wherein animals like dogs, reptiles etc. killed in a most prolonged and hideous manner, with pain being inflicted with no qualms of what the animal is enduring. Even though, one may say that the persons who do it are cruel, it need not be so. As humans they might be very pious, of saintly disposition, friendly, selfless, and even kind-hearted. Yet, to animals, and possibly to their serving class, a stark outsider may discern grievous unconcern, and terrorising indifference.

If one may go through their languages, it is absolutely sure to find that the animals and serving classes are grouped, in a most evil base manner. Once this done, one does not feel any guilt or distressed in addressing them with meanness.

Now taking the issue of ripping of human beings, as depicted by you, there might be other reasons also, other than the way the youngsters are treated by their languages. One is that the concept of boyfriend-girlfriend is understood in a very loathsome manner by many other nationalities and languages. The very fact a girl is in the company of another male who is not her lawfully wed husband, categorises her as a slut. In many languages, a whore is given the same language categorisation as I have denoted in the previous paragraph.

It not only invites derisive attitudes, but is also seen as giving others the right to give her a rough treatment. The male who accompanies her is an utter criminal who is desecrating a female; any body violence met out to him is divinely ordained and most proper.

Here, the problem is that persons who are alien to modern day English social living standards are staying right inside English areas. It is like having an outsider in one’s dressing room. The privacy is lost. The outsiders have the access to make mental and audible comments on what they see.

There are other sensual reasons that could give a passion for the actions you described.

Another issue to the whole animosity is that of the Colour. Anyone saying that it is not a great thing is clearly being idiotic. In all nations, people use even more minor things to class, categorise and measure others. At times, it is true that such judgments made on external appearances do not corroborate with reality; yet it is used as an easy tool. Even without all this, White and Black are not same as per our visual understanding. Non-Whites (and also other whites) can get trained in English systems, and get a lot of superb civic intelligence. It is not that Blacks can’t have it one their own; the only problem is that a Black nation with natural English level social intelligence is yet to be discovered.

It is true that Blacks and other coloured persons can get distressed at White meanness, and snubbing. It gets across with more intensity, because the nation is English. In a nation like India, where most persons are snubbed with much more distressing means, like lower level words, making persons to sit and sleep on the ground, sharp rebukes, treatment as of dogs etc. the meanness is borne with more equanimity, because the languages are feudal. Each person is mentally programmed to understand his or her social ‘silliness’. When non-Whites get snubbed in English, it allows them to mentally get disturbed at a higher level, from where they would dare to attack back. In nations like India, no one would dare to contemplate a vengeance beyond his social levels.

Then comes the factors of non-English whites masquerading as English Whites; non-English-White snubbing may not condoned, for it may provoke more. The general animosity that springs back could be on all Whites - English ones included.

Whites from other non-English nations who barge into England can also bring in long-term damage to the social fabric, if they also come in full numerical strength.

Now beyond all this, what worries me is the general level of damage all this going to do to the total English environment. Why all this extremely complex social trauma should be allowed to haunt British streets is the moot question. It serves no purpose other than to bring in anguish and social mutation in British posterity.

As to multiculturalism, Britain has no business to be vanguard or baseline of such vaguely understood monstrous ideologies. Britain is duty bound to remain as the home of British & English way of life.

I apologise for being so assertive and fixed in my attitude. I have no personal interests in the issue, other than a strange unease in visualising the march of events. I feel that it is time that an aberration in history is properly corrected; and that too, without much delay.