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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 3
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
When the Princess died

When Diana died, it was no doubt a shock; yet, whether, it was tinged with a sense of relief, I do not know clearly.

She was lovely to look at, and full of life and energy. Yet, wasn’t there an element of malice in her whole attitude? I do not know. Her marriage with ‘Prince Charming’ was the stuff that fairy tales are made of. It attracted too much attention, and possibly the ‘evil eye’, for it seemed as if some evil force was involved.

The fact that she came from not ‘really’ the royalty, and was more of a commoner, could naturally bring in a lot of negativity, into a level, that can at best be described as the ‘cyber level’. I wouldn’t debate on this theme here.

It naturally is not healthy to have to live one’s life in the full glare of public eye, and debate. It naturally brings in its own problems, and evilness. Even though, I did not take much interest in their private or public life, I did have a feeling that the glare that they were living in was a bit unhealthy.

Then came the awful stories, which the media took up literally with watering mouths. It did show a side of a person who was hell bent on some sharp vengeance. It was a dismaying scenario. For, the Princess owed all her public life to the string that attached her to the royalty.

I had a feeling that she was not living up to her responsibilities. All round the world, she was the embodiment of the moral, ethical, and royal standards of the British nation. The future queen of England! Yet, though she had the British bearing in pose and posture, she was severely lacking in her commitment to the dignity of the British reputation, that she very naturally should have understood was her natural responsibility that came with the halo.

Whether she liked or disliked her husband, was of secondary import here, for what she did could cause a lot of distress to the whole nation, its citizens, and naturally to her own monarch.

Her soul-baring interview on the BBC, which I watched with appalling dismay, did really portend a very dangerous attitude, and could have augured of the catastrophic events that lay waiting.

I can’t say whether her misery was real and deserving compassion. Yet, it was vile in its possibilities.

Many of her indiscretion could be pardoned. But, if it seemed that she was going to ‘sire’ children for an Egyptian businessman, then it had the elements of real antinational intentions. For, either she had not the intelligence to calculate its immense negativity, or she was on an antinational rampage.

And the fact that the Egyptian businessman also was not willing to impress on her, the calamity she was inviting not only on herself, but also on the whole of the British nation, including the monarchy, could only give a measure of the person, he and his family were. It was not a religious issue, but a series of issues, with a terrible level of complexity.

She died a death, which is essentially an enviable one, not of a lingering illness, lengthy misery, or tension filled. Whether she was killed, is debatable. But then, can the British Secret Service be of such a level of professionalism, that they can arrange such a death, with so much finesse? I really doubt! Even though, I do believe in their professional skills.

And would they do such a thing? I doubt!!

But then, there is no doubt that even though her death did pain me much, and still at times do exist in my mind as a lingering pain, it was a good thing that she departed, when there was still a lot of grace about her. For, had she lingered on to deliver some stepbrothers and sisters for the future British Crown, or had she managed to bring in a stepfather, from an obscure nation, for the future King of England, she could have soiled many things including her memory.

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