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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Racism: A skin deep, yet painful, emotional reaction: Part 2

It has been a long time since I got time to come back to my interest of conveying my insights.

Quote: we see large groups of asian young ppl who get on really well with each other, very westernised in their views until you mention where they are from or what family they originate..

First of all, it is not really an ‘Asian phenomena’ but really something more connected to their languages. I would say many European nationalities also may have similar emotion. For example, the Italians. I am almost sure that they also do have something similar in their ‘languages’.

Second, when one exists in English, in an English nation, these things do not really matter. But then, all these persons are also marching to the tempo of another far distant drum (that is of their native social systems), where they are sensing the accolades there are gathering due their existence in an English nation. This drumbeat is not audible the others around them in the English nation.

In many ways, it has its dangerous portends. The danger exists in not being aware of this distant drummer (by the local English society). Even Kennedy, Rice, and many others, (including American Policemen (during the mafia times in USA) of Italian origin) who have come to powerful positions in English nations, do carry this inherent hazard. The anomalous affects they do cause on English nations are not visible in the short run, in most cases, unless one is able to discern the minor changes in mood, emotional reactions, and many other things they cause in others around them; which in the long term aggregate to form massive changes in social design.

What is required is to go into this understanding with national academic interest, with no reason for malice or malevolence. It is just like understanding that certain programs have virus, which have to be annihilated, so that the program can be retrieved for better use. Or one may say that one understands that there is a diseased condition in a person. Let him acknowledge it, and let others also understand that the person is different from the disease. Once this fact is academically acknowledged, then there can be a joint effort to discard the infection.

And believe me, once this fact is academically understood, many anomalous nations, from where their citizens scramble to escape to English nations, will also change to finer nations. The real fact is that not much persons from these anomalous nations are running to English nations due to poverty, for those who generally escape are the financially better positioned. They want to escape the tragic social settings. Yet, they also do carry the same virus which really gave the malicious social designs to their own nations. This malicious design is highly contagious. One of its most dangerous capacities is that it can replicate itself in others, along with the malignant mood.

I did read the replies given by luvhugs and Tom. The sincerity is understandable. Yet, both their understandings of ‘other worlds’ (meaning other societies in the world) is very meagre. It is not a problem of scholarship. What is lacking is the absolute inability to understand how society gets differently seen in other language systems. The moods, emotions, and even the factors that spur competition are entirely different. These moods are not understandable because the words and usages that create these moods are not there in English. Till such words, and usages come into English, these emotions cannot be imagined. In other words, the native English speaker lacks the tools to gather it in their minds. It is like trying to catch a ghost with a net.

I do know that I may seem to be talking in riddles; yet the theme is a very huge one. I have more or less been able to convey it in my book: March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages.

I have fears that my writing pieces from this theme may convey a most anomalous understanding of what I am trying to convey. In many ways, this vexing understanding would be most laughable, in that I am be mistaken as the absolute opposite of what I am intellectually.


noone should be made to feel afraid, ashamed or isolated because of who they are, what they are or what they believe (excluding the “ist’s” in society eg racists). everyone is different and in being different they are special. just because someone else isn’t like them in whatever sense, that doesn’t mean they should be shunned for it.

this goes for homosexuals, people of whatever race/culture/religious orientation, gendre etc

we often hear the phrase “it’s a free country” amongst our youth and peers, why do i feel this is not totally true? why can people not be whatever they chose to be or feel proud of what/who they are?

I fear these feelings of yours may get more intensified, complicated, and mystifying as English nations, slowly become non-English ( I am not talking of race or colour, even though this is the only understanding that can come to an English mind).

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