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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
We are White and we are proud

This is a slogan that I have seen in some sites. From English nations.

I am sure this is a reaction to certain negative social signals. Yet, the reaction is as stupid as the negative signals, themselves.

The reactions will surely be there; for, the English nations are surely heading for a mass suicide, if adequate understandings of many finer sensibilities are not there. Yet, the understanding of what causes the reaction is very feeble, and mostly of a misunderstood variety.

The anomalous looks and social behaviour of the mass of immigrants may surely cause it. For, it does have the same effect in the Asian nations, among the Asians themselves. For, in most Asian nations, there is a very strong psychic fence that keeps the social beings in different compartments. And it is actually this contorting fence that contorts the personality of many a person from those nations. The English nations lack these social barricades.

One may find Asians of many social levels moving in very proximate social areas. Yet, their languages do contain beautiful barriers to keep the different and varying social levels at varying levels. The essential attributes of this cordon remain un-understood by English persons.

The Europeans, who are White, and yet exist in many layers, most of which are lower to an English social setting (there are certain nations in Europe which may have English levels of social communications), once they arrive in the USA, easily become identified with the native English social systems, because their colour gives them an easy camouflage. Yet, it may be noted that an educated native Negro of the USA would have more in common with the British than say a White man from Romania, Poland, Germany or Russia, who speaks little English.

When huge masses of feudal language speaking immigrants converge on English nations, there is a small, numerically insignificant group of persons who would be in a paradoxical quandary. They are the early immigrants from these same nations, and who have sort of deleted their native virus-infected social communications systems, and exist, more or less, in perfect English mental mood. They can easily be identified by the fact that they use English in their homes as the family language, and their children have more of English physical appearance than their native features.

It is indeed a time of uneasy retrospection for these persons. For, they are mentally different from the newcomers. Yet have to regard them, as their own. And when the social scene gets disturbed by any misdemeanour of anybody, any negative reactions created may cast their shadow on these now-neither-here-nor-there individuals, also.

The problem of mass immigration is that the wrong persons enter, for the wrong reasons. And it may be understood that the Whites immigrants from the varying nations of Europe also, may actually be bringing in disturbing signals; yet in the new variety in settings, their colour may give them the escape route from being identified as agents of negative social themes.

In this case, it may be kept in mind that there is a chance that what the mass immigrants from Italy brought into USA had more negative affects there, than what an educated native Negro of USA could have created. Yet, a new immigrant from Africa who walks into USA, on the basis of his financial clout or his sports talent, could give a black mark for the cultured Blacks, if the newcomer has a penchant to display his native attributes.

Again, talking about the Whites in the poorer nations, they may become a sort of pawns in many an international venture, including those run by wily Asian organisers. Many years ago, in one Ashram run by an Indian group, I saw a lot of White persons, as sort of staff/volunteers. The immediate feeling among the common man was that ‘English persons’ are the devotees here; which was definitely an attractive factor. When I talked to them, none of them knew good English. And they were from varying nations, with no common language among them. Many years later, when I visited the place again I saw that many of them had become very good in English. They were in a sort of ‘being in America’ with English as the common language among them.

Even shallow schools, which claim to be International, display children from East European nations to validate their claim to have ‘English children’ among their wards.

Posted on: May 1 2004

Hi: I must say that many of the themes that I have dealt with in this site really do not belong to the theme matter of my book. But are generally connected.

You see I cant carry my ideas in my mind and feast on them. And it being in my computer also, doesn’t help. And if I recount it to persons who exist all around me, in various levels of existance, at least some of them would strangle me, then and there.

Tomorrow I may really bring out what it was that I wanted to convey.

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