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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Euro Myths, here are some of them

Are they just myths? Don’t they exist in the realm of probabilities, much beyond the parameters of mere possibilities?

Once the national mental orientation is lost, then it could be much worse than what these so described myths, contemplate.

British nationals who have never lived in colonial situations, do not have any idea of what it means to live in social systems, where people compete with a different set of rules. Once one gets used to the other systems, it is straight route to the vanishing of the British way of life and systems. It is just like being in a place where no one cares for queues. Once it is seen that what is required is not civilised sense of precedence, but brute, and cunning manoeuvring, then it very easily becomes the new rules for even the smallest achievement, like even buying a cinema ticket.

Another thing to contemplate on is the long term mental and social changes, a subordination to Europe would usher in. Will it do good? If Britain is joining something of acknowledged superiority and refinement, it is okay. But, constituents of the contraption known as Europe does not come with any such historical feature.


I wish that the third one were true.It’s my strong belief that the world would be a far safer and better place if no country at all had a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. All of the seats should be held in rotation.

This is the very divisive sentiment that has to be feared when the sovereignty becomes a debatable subject. And it indeed is a sad day when persons who live in Britain imagine that giving world control to nations, which have literally enslaved their citizens for centuries, is indeed a feat of supreme magnanimity. Actually world is more safe with power in hands of English nations. Others are nations, with negligible collective intelligence to even maintain a neat bus stand or a railway station. Even though they are run by persons of personality that literally tower over their fellowmen.


The world would be a MUCH worse place without Ameirca...THING ABOUT IT!(WW1, WW2, The Marshal Plan, The Cold War.... need I go on...)

And America better watch out, or in a few years time, one would have to remember a time when it was an English nation. And why keep America in the lead? Let Britain again take the cultural lead. (I beg Tony’s pardon for going off track here)


But what if we were North Koreans, Africans, Iraqis, Kubans, Vietnameese, South Americans and the list goes on.These countries are worse off with the USA existing than if it never existed and meddled into their affairs.

It depends on who in these nations one is thinking about. The persons who run the show, or the majority citizens who have to endure and live befooled lives in needless penury?

British Aerospace

Quote: alez007

I guess Britain and technology dont really mesh especially after we lost the mars space buggy Lets just stick with the financing part of the equation from now on, its were the money’s at anyway

Quote: Satman

I’m afraid, nowadays, the phrase ‘Best of British’ means nothing. At one time ‘Made in Britain’ meant quality, but alas, this means nothing now either.



Where have we gone wrong?? We were, after all, pioneers in the field at one time, and led the way



dump the Great from Great Britain,in order to bring the name in line with the actual current state of the country



We all know that Great Britain was a Colonial power in the world. They were guilty of exploiting their Colonies

Good grief!

What a thing to hear!!

What pessimism, that one could weep.

Isn’t there a need to understand what went wrong? The best social environment, and yet so troubled!

Gentlemen do not believe your own prejudice about your colonial history; and still a simmering pride in your systems can be had, if you can remain true to your heritage and traditions.

For, what other nations work on are mostly on what came from over there. And, if it seems that other nations have left you behind, the reality is a bit more bewildering.

Quote: oldfred

Do not loose heart because we are still among the best in the world when we put our mind to it....

Well, do not lose your heart, and but better still, do not allow anyone to be in a position to make you lose your heart.

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