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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Rantisi Assasinated

Posted on: Apr 21 2004

Hi there:

There is a historical tragedy playing out. Many years ago, Britain was a friend of the Arabs. Has everyone forgotten Lawrence of Arabia?

How come Britain now stands in the enemy camp? Is there a connection with my contention that America has, over the years become a playground of immigrant lobbyists?

Let America go back to its roots, and find that it is basically a British nation, with English systems. If America goes in for a swinging foreign policy, that caters to the latest of immigrant powers, then its war for independence from Britain shall actually stand as an act of historical foolishness, (actually it is).

(Yet, there is need for English nations to fend for each other; their disunity may spell doom for them.)

Posted on: Apr 22 2004

Hi Wilf:

Keep away from the Bloody West. But what is the ‘Bloody West’ anyway? Does the English really come under this term? Should Britain term itself part of Europe? If anyone thinks so, they really do need to understand the difference between the rest of Europe and Britain.

As for collarborating with the non-English; well good, but don’t become them. Make them British. But not by allowing them to download on English nations. But by taking England to them. Turn them into English. Not the powers that run the show in those nations. But the untrained and fooled populace that exist in there.

Let me quote from Winston Churchill’s Independence of India Act debate:

Power will go into the hands of the rascals, rogues and free-booters. Not a bottle of water will excape taxation. Only the air will be free, and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Mr. Atlee. These are men of straw of whom no trace will be found after a few years. They will fight among themselves, and India will be lost in political squabbles

Posted on: Apr 23 2004

You have got it all wrong. But I can’t come and argue for you.

But here let me answer Wilf:

Many Indians do believe in their own propaganda. But, others should be wary.

There is a belief that India was poor. It is a fallacy. India was always rich. Only thing was that the wealth was in the hands of feudal classes, who lived on the studded pinnacle of feudal languages, while the masses lived in total vulnerability.

The poverty that the British saw and believed to be their creation, was only a fact that became noticed for the first time in history. Before they came, no Indian did see anything wrong in the horrible exploitation and privation. (It is true that the British officials did make mistakes). And even now, no Indian is unduly distressed about the horrible sights that abound all around him; his only concern is that it should remain so, for any change can give him the creeps. And it must be admitted that negativity abounds in the lower classes. Yet, it is a strange understanding, not conveyable.

And do not believe that the Indians are or were weak and lesser in intelligence and calibre. Understand that it was the Indians who themselves could manage to maintain millions of other Indians in total slavery.

And understand that the Black slaves that came from the African shores were not the only slaves in the world. In India, there existed, and even now does exist, millions of the same category, but no chains, or legal papers were, or are, required to keep them in that level. The language and social structure could do the job with more efficiency.

Some Black slaves were lucky to become slaves of English men, for it had three significant effects. One, the slaves improved to the level of their masters, a thing that can rarely happen in a feudal language nation. Two, Slaves themselves learned English, and couldn’t find the justification for slavery. (For, it is not available in English language). Three, the system of slavery was confronted for the first time in a magnificent manner from the English language mental program.

It lead to an Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807 during the reign of Queen Victoria. Can you find anything of comparable significance in the whole of world history? This Act even lead to the emancipation of many legal slaves in India.

Do not think that the common man from Britain can compete with the feudal superiors of Asian nations. To understand the power of feudal language social conditions, one has to work under a group of such persons, who think, communicate and live in their native tongue. I can’t be more candid in this space.

China may become rich, India may become rich; but the same strangling social order will remain. And it is this strangling social order that gives the strength to the towering personalities of these nations. And this power can never come to an English speaking person. He can only watch it with bewildering amazement.

There is an underlying perception that I am avoiding in all these debates, which actually require a lot of systematic development of understanding. I am not willing to do it in these pages.

Winston Churchill stands correct in his observations on what will happen to India. For, the nation is a mess; but its poverty is actually an opportunity for the internationally mobile, who lives in the best of both worlds. For, they stand in a splendid vantage position to corner the riches of the developed world. Again, I refuse to be more blunt.

But Winston Churchill’s stand would have created a continuing mess for Britain, for it would by now have been inundated with the elite of the colonies. Other than that, let me be frank, Indian experience had its negative influence on the British society. For, it did expose many a British to crude cultures, and cruder attitudes. And gave a conduit to oriental feudal aura to stalk the English systems.

Posted on: Apr 26 2004

Ah me, it sure is a strange sensation that I should feel a racist, when you people sound so cosmopolitan.

Did you people ever think that the so-called racism that you claim, with a passionate sense of guilt, to have practiced might have some level of base in the social system of the very persons who you did discriminate against?

For, in almost all feudal language nations, the level of ‘apartheid’ that is practiced in a most comprehensive and eerie way would beat the best of your racism. In fact, people take pain to react to being snubbed only in the midst of English and such other language persons, who do have the moral sensitivity and patience to feel guilty about it. In these feudal language nations, including India, no one dares or cares to think about the innumerable snubs, discriminations, rudeness, crudeness etc. that gets enacted as a way of life, because it is embedded in the communication system. No one cares for the nice chap who is a menial servant.

[QUOTE]I have to laugh though when my Grandfather, a true Brit and an RAF Air Commodore tries to reason with her by saying “That Trevor Mcdonald is a nice chap and he’s black.

In most houses, servants sit on the floor, sleep on the dirty floor, are treated like dirt, have to use separate unhygienic utensils, unclean toilets, are paid a pittance, crude words are used to address and refer to them, and any attempt by any servant who is good and trustworthy, to move to other job avenues or to marry, is treacherously and with malicious deliberation, blocked with the fabled oriental cunning.

Yet, the servants also exist in a very negative area of the language system, at which level to interact with them with benign intent is also socially dangerous.

I am sure an average Englishman won’t get a whiff of what I am harping. Yet, it is possible that at least some level of the scenario that I have delineated may be visible in some of the non-English social areas of your nation.

When the English ruled the geographical area that now comprises India, it is true many of the erstwhile feudal level persons did feel a sort of mental impotence; yet, the truth is that this impotence was a fact of life for most of the common men before the advent of the English. When the English came, the socially superior felt helpless on many occasions to successfully exhibit their social difference from their ‘repulsive’ fellow countrymen, and this impotence infected them also.

Before the English treat the non-English as one of themselves, make them understand that they have to remove the negative programs from among themselves. Or else, the infection may spread.

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