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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Posted on: Apr 21 2004

Hi there:

I can’t comment on Black and White issues over there. Yet, there is one thing amiss, in your government policy. It is a term I heard on this site. That is of cultural integration. It is a very much dangerously un-understood term, in terms of what it means and signifies.

If it aims to bring about an average of standards between English social standards, and the other immigrant cultures, then it is a very dangerous thing. For, then it would be the end of Britain, as one may understand the name.

Intelligent persons in all nations know, that either you convert a person to English systems or you bring them to the opposite systems. There exists no position of a combination of both. Combination means end of English, for the other systems are the very negation of English systems.

I do not know if any native English speaker has understood what I have said here. I have severe feelings that not many may.

Posted on: Apr 23 2004


I must say that there is a depth of un-understanding of so many issues from the finer aspects.

England Expects does discern the negativity that I am trying to convey. Yet, the typical English polish refrains him from admitting what really disturbs him. It is not just the after-dark-on-a-dark-street affair that is disturbing. Even though, it could be a fact. (For, I have heard of persons who go for tour to Britain, and just do the vanishing job over there).

And Waif confirms my suspicion that he is a Marxist. Yet, communist leaders are generally as feudal as the feudal lords, and capitalists who are their enemies, in feudal language nations.

Believe me when I tell you that when you people lose your English character, you just become like the many others nationalities like Japs, Germans, Indians, Pakistanis and Russians etc. If you are not unduly disturbed about it, it is indeed a sad day.

I am posting one more article by subtitle: Immigration to English nations. This comes as an introduction to the 29th chapter of my book. Actually it is a big chapter that I really had to debate with myself as to whether to include or not, because of the many disturbing things discussed in this chapter. I would request you to read the same.

Posted on: Apr 26 2004

Wilf, I can only say My God!

The level at which you are discerning language and communication is from a safe haven called English. Out there in the feudal language nations, the designs that language carries is not at the level you have dealt with. It is of much more controting affect than what English men can imagine.

It did not matter to you, for a long time. Yet, in the near future, you may be right in the midst of its affects. Even when things go wrong, there is minor mistakes creating major disasters etc. you may not connect it to what I am saying.

Yet, the fault lies my writing style; for I have not dealt with what I was just harping on.

I will in a few days time.

The scenario is of a vastly different world.

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