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Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Monarchy v Republic

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Monarchy v Republic

Posted on: Apr 26 2004

The British Monarch is not my Monarch. Yet, when I see the way you people debate on your monarch, I feel a sense of deep apprehension. For, you seem to live in a surrealistic atmosphere.

You are taking things to personal levels. What you are debating about is the institution known all over the world as the British Monarchy. Whatever level Britain has in the world, that is the level of this Monarch. What you are debating about is not about one Charles, or William, or Elizabeth. The incumbent can be anyone, who has some emotionally appealing right to that title.

In all political systems, there is a place where the sovereignty exists, and is the focus of all levels of jurisprudence. In Britain, this focus happens to be the institution of Monarchy. There is no need to judge a Monarch on the levels of his or her, private life. That is better done in the case of Presidents, and Prime Ministers. Why should anyone insist that the King be a sage, or a hermit?

If a King has a penchant for rape, or lechery, then there might be a case for ‘impeachment’. Or for nepotism and such other things. Otherwise, see if he can uphold the dignity of his office, at the formal level.

And one thing to remember is that Britain has rarely been ruled by outsiders. What has made it win in all the last battles in almost all wars is some level of inspiring emotional integrity it possessed. And the sovereign could also claim a fair share of it. And as Napoleon declared, the difference between success and defeat lies in seemingly small things.

What Britain has as a heritage is something of a priceless legacy. It is something that cannot be bought for money or created with expertise. You cannot compare your sovereign with any other king or queen in any other nation. Not because your kings have been of superior calibre or better in morals. But, because they were the monarchs of a nation, which really did contribute much to the world.

Do not commit the mistake of thinking that the American Presidents have taken their nation on a very rightful path. The paths they have taken have, as best, been perilous. And your monarch can really exist above the reaches of powerful lobbies. And can really be a real guiding force to your politicians. Only thing, like everything else, Monarchy also needs careful training, as well as diligent pruning. Who knows, when no politician dare talk in assertive terms, even when the nation seem on the verge of disaster, fearing the backlash of a minority vote bank, the monarch may yet strike out for the sake of posterity, who is not yet in the voters list.

Democracy is not a well-tested tool as yet. And if its pitfalls are not really understood, this so-called liberal philosophy may yet cause deep remorse for the English nations, on the world stage. For, among people of quality, it is an efficient tool for political measurement; but, when lesser quality people also take part in the scheme in huge numbers, then it is a sure enactment of pandemonium.

And do not make the mistake of believing that all is safe and well for you. For, all round the world, concerted efforts are on, to cripple the English nations. You may yet need the emotional appeal that only a Monarch can launch, to save your nation in times, when times seems bleak.

When the Union Jack went forth all round the world, another thing also accompanied it. This was the crisp, and compact command, ‘In the Name of the King/Queen’. The inspiring power that travelled, packed in this verbal package, beyond the seas and mountains, is of the supernatural level. And an ‘In the Name of the British Constitution’ cannot replace it with equal sufficiency.

Support your Monarch and do not join the chorus of the evil tongues in all the evil nations, who mock your monarchy as an anachronism of idiotism, even when they themselves are standing in a cesspool of dirt and historical buffoonery. Do not allow the mediocre minds in the unattractive nations to snigger at your monarch. For, a bit of love, appreciation, and also enduring vigilance can keep your monarchy in efficient shape. Yet, let the debate go on as to what all improvements can be incorporated. And off course, many the Royalty very, very lean in terms of numbers.

Forgive me if I sound presumptuous.

Posted on: Apr 30 2004

Hi vivavox

Let me reply:

Point no: 2: In most nations, the understanding that the sovereignty is with the people is just a myth. Democracy, in many nations is only a competition between competing feudal families.

Point 3: Let there be someone beyond the reins of votes and voters, for these are things that can really dilute the courage of your representatives.

Point 4: If Queen Victoria really had a passion for a non-English language, then it is a very distressing theme, for German could really have beautiful feudal themes in it. It only shows the need to make your monarchy as English as possible.

Point 5: These victories were really the total result of a number of features and factors, not just the courage and intelligence of the fighting men. For, the courage and spirit they exhibited must have its base in something more tangible than just individual capacity.

Point 6: Your palaces may not compete with those of the French Kings. You may not have a Taj Mahal, a multitude of Pyramids, a nonsensical compound wall around your nation, or even a heritage of such uniqueness as of burning women on the pyre of their husbands. Yet, you need to be proud of these things. For, all of them are the sure proof of a mass of humanity who lived in slavery slogging for an ungrateful master race. The last item never disturbed the natives, until persons from your nation came and got shocked out of their senses. What entices tourists need not necessarily be something to be proud of.

Point 7: I don’t know if anyone has really quantified the list of British contributions. Even the inconspicuous post offices that line the poorest of nations, do a job that is really wonderful, and beyond the ingenuity of all nations. Not because they couldn’t imagine it up, but because they lacked something else. If the British did contribute so much, a claim that the social and political environment gave the mood for it to happen, can be made.

Point 8: Instead of destroying the Monarchy, destroy the lobby that they confine them. And let the Monarch be more professional. For, democracy is good, until it fails; then it is a calamity. Your Monarchy is yet the best one available; comparisons may be made with other Monarchies. A leaner Royal family would do best. And also thriftier.

Point 9: The Empire is still alive. It may not exist in geographical maps. But still it does linger on. Let a testing time come; then see.

Point 10: America is not the most powerful nation on Earth. Judging power on the strength of arms and military technology alone can be done only on a superficial level. Something more is required to win through times of enduring tribulations. Britain had it, and possibly has it; but I have fears that you people may wear it out.

And last, Point no: 1: Answer: It will be self-evident in some of my posting. Spiritually I do not belong anywhere.

Last: To Sue:

When you pay, see you get efficient service. See that the work is of adequate quality.

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