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Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The legitimacy of the Asylum seekers

Quote: tonyblairseviltwin: The Asylum


Many of todays conflict zones which create the much revilied asylum seekers have been affected by the actions of the european colonial powers in the past. Do we have any responsibility for the results of our past actions?

I’m not sure why people seem to hate Asylum seekers so much? I would like to know exactly what it is? It seems to me to be an irrational fear of the outsider.

The Asylum seeker has a legitimate reason for seeking domicile in Britain. In fact, most of the people in many nations of Asia and Africa do have a most valid reason for running to Britain.

In fact, no one can blame people even from such nations as Pakistan, India etc. when they yearn to migrate to Britain. And you may be sure that given the chance, even the most vibrant patriot of these nations, would sneak over there. I have seen many senior military officials of my nation claim with a glow in their faces that their offspring have taken permanent abode in either England or America (US). Their demeanour also display the fact that if circumstances allow, they would also do the vanishing trick.

Living in such a nation, people try to sort of make the best of a bad bargain. They look at each other with disdain. They know things are a mess. This statement is given by many in their private moments. The street scenes are going uglier. Sense of affable, accommodative behaviour is disappearing, police are brutish, the judicial scene is a nightmare; yet, many people parrot the sacred themes dealt out to them in the school textbook, of the grandeur of their nation, the hallowedness of their leaders, and of many other themes.

Yet, a single opportunity to see an English nation scene is a real revelation, it is like biting the fruit of knowledge.

Now, what I wanted to convey is that there is a lot of valid reasons why anyone should barge into England; for, the very fact that all human beings do have the right to dignified social living is a reason enough.

But then, do not understand that what has gone wrong or is going wrong in these nations has anything to do with the British colonial activities. Actually if the local natives of these nations had an opportunity to escape into England even before the advent of colonialism, they would have eagerly done so. Such is the difference the English scene can make: why when even the French tasted the English social flavour in the American war for independence, they really went wild, and tried for a violent change of the social design of their own nation.

What about the ‘irrational fear for the Asylum seeker’? Well, it need not be an irrational fear. In fact, this fear need not be confined to Asylum seekers. This fear may have real roots in the fact that the newcomers do inherently carry the social mood that in the first place created the repulsive social scenarios in their own nations, from which they are fleeing.

Now what can Britain do? If Britain thinks that it can save the rest of the world by letting them all come to Britain, then it is not only wishful thinking, but also both a thought with ominous portents, and a most foolish understanding.

What is the inherent vileness that the newcomers carry, and what is the manner to cure them, I think, I have made my own dissertation in this forum.

Yesterday, in the TV, I saw a programme on the Rwandan genocide; someone is making a Hollywood movie on this theme. The underlying theme is that when the genocide was taking place, the western world (read: the English nations), did not bother to stop it.

Now, what has been missed is that there is some underlying cause that persists through the centuries that roam around in the society over there, which repeatedly causes these issues. Also, what is the terrible mental agony that the perpetrators of the genocide had suffered that caused them to act with such barbarity? There must be a real tangible reason, discernable to those who know where and what to look for.

Believe me that in these nations, there would be seemingly minor areas of social communication that need rectification. Unless these infractions are repaired, or removed, these simmering social mood will continue.

Britain can help, first by understanding how the English social scene is bringing much social and mental serenity to the distraught individuals; then, by seeking way to install the same soothing features in the disturbed societies all round the world.

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