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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
have they gone NUTs

Posted on: Apr 15 2004

Hi English Expects!

English nations do not know what they are dealing with. That much is sure. And in recent times, there are sure signs of they having lost their collective wisdom. When the whole world of barbarians is on the verge of exploding on the English societies, what is happening over there?

Leaders and political leadership, who should know better, are engaged in mutual bickering and trying to play to the world gallery, to exhibit a seeming show of dissident innocence, when the need of the hour is unity against disintegrating elements. Has the disintegrating negativity already started stalking the social undercurrents?

Black or White, those who can’t bear the benevolence of the English societies should be advised to quit to greener pastures of their liking, where they can enjoy all sorts of freedoms, they may have envisaged sitting in the tranquillity of civilised ambience.

England Expects, I must add to your call, by saying that English societies need to be protected from disintegration, if not for their own sake, at least for the sake of the World. For, English nations still exists as a point of reference for civilised conduct, at both the finer levels as well as at the macro levels.

Posted on: Apr 22 2004

Hi there:

When one speaks with conviction, yet with limitations in understanding the starting place of the problem, one may sometimes end up exhibiting a demeanour that is entirely the opposite of what one was trying to convey.

This is the dilemma that faces the folks out there in the English nations. They know that all men are equal, in rights and dignity. Yet, there come persons from outside, who seem to test the very fabric of one’s sense of decency. One reacts with painful misrepresentation of one’s mental framework. It would seem a terrible tragedy to see persons, who are basically decent, descent to levels of what may easily be misunderstood as that of racial antipathy.

One of my acquaintances, a person who runs a corporate sector organisation, told me the other day: One American President, very foolishly declared all individuals are equal. And, the English nations blindly believe it, leading themselves to their discernable doom.

This man is not a bigoted person; nor a renegade. He is a good man, with a very sharp sense of fair play. He is from a feudal language nation. Now, where is all this contradiction springing from?

Let me tell you: In English, human beings have equal rights to dignity, to articulation, and to many other things. Yet, in many non-English languages, there is no such thing. There is no equality in any sense, no equality in dignity, no equal right to fair play, no equal right to human rights, no equality in displayable calibre, no equality in allowable assertiveness, no equality even in right to privacy and many other things.

And to Wilf: It is a very noble idea to seek beyond the frontiers; and move into the circles of the non-English nations. But, before embarking on such a scheme, may I appeal to you to not identify the English nations with the ‘Bloody West’. Also, that if you remain English in non-English lands, you remain superior there. If you absorb non-English languages and social conditionings, then you get splintered into an array of levels of mutually antagonistic social classes. This statement requires much elaboration. And the first experience is the 180° opposite of the second.

Also, there is my contention, and my proof that the poverty of the Afro-Asian nations, and of many other nations, is really embedded in their languages. And thus, this poverty is not a creation of the English nations.

It is all a very complicated theme; after writing in this site for some days now, I have just reconfirmed my old understanding that English native speakers are entirely at sea, in their understanding of feudal language social systems. Whatever I may say here, the reader would just match it with some English experience, and find all my contentions a lot of nonsense. Yet, the fact remains that there is no matching experience in the whole of English language. What Kipling said, is only a faint understanding of there being a weirdness to the alien experience. Yet, whether he did locate the factor that creates it, I do not know.

Yet, taken individually, most persons who come from the feudal language nations do have very decent attributes. Yet, in groups, especially of the same native language, they would very naturally exhibit very disturbing psychic radiations. Why?

The issue is really not of individual malevolence or of lack of moral and ethical integrity. Nor of colour. For, I would contend that a group of Bank robbers from England, would be more desirable to initiate a social system, than either a group of superior, refined persons from a feudal language nation or a group of inferior, lower grade persons from the same nation. The latter two would form a nation with all the same infecting negativity that haunts the streets of many negative nations.

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