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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Schools with Asian language study

Now let me talk about the prevalence of teaching non-English languages in schools in the English nations. Teaching of Latin, French, German etc. may have been practised because of the proximity of these lands to the British isles, and other similar reasons. And also, because of the long years of historical connection with these countries. But, with the influx of the Asian crowd, there may be a tendency to teach languages like Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali etc. just because of a misplaced sense of national pride by the immigrant population. Well, nothing much can be done about it, for it is anyone’s right to study what he or she wants. Yet, there is no need to encourage such things at government expense. For, the teaching of these languages in schools is like putting a virus into a computer, which was running nicely. It can create deep divisions in the homogeneity of the society.

One thing in this regard, the policy makers of English nations should note is that a very significant negative factor has now appeared on the horizon. That is the arrival of satellite Television. Earlier, after a few years of domicile in an English nation, the immigrant population lose their vernacular character in an unnoticed manner. Now, right inside their bedroom, the native social environment daily comes, through the channel televisions. I can assure them that this is a threat not to be viewed with negligence. For, right inside the English nation, persons continue to imbibe the far distant feudal programs, and the same ferocious, social negativity gets activated daily.

Posted on: Apr 10 2004

Hi Abm:

I am truly gratified that there is someone keen to cross swords, or at least debate, with me, at this level.

And again, I must admit that I did get your letter in my personal email, also. It is slightly different from your posted letter. And my letter is actually a reply to your personal mail.

Speaking about the ‘special effects of English language’, I must inform you that my main theme is not about English language, as such. But that all languages have differing affects, on human psyche, social structure, anthropological features, and many other things.

Actually, Chapter No:28 of the 3rd part of my book, starts with these words:

The Mystical Powers of Language: Now is time to think of what all changes can come about in the USA, with the coming of a so-called global village.

I would start the debate from the premises of my earlier postulate, and theory that languages and words do have a sort of mystical power, which can be understood with no need to recourse to supernatural themes, but by just going through their running social programs.”

The chapter heading itself may be self-revealing:

A fast paced contemplative glance at the social undercurrents that could affect the American lifestyle and society, on its impact with feudal communication software.

Now, again the question, and its answer that I have repeatedly deferred from answering, remains, of what is this virus that I am repeatedly alluding to.

Well, I must admit that it has taken me many years of intense, and persevering observations, under very exhausting circumstances, to understand my theme, and around 150,000 words, to convey it in writing. The book comes in four parts. And most of my insertions here are from the 3rd part, wherein I debate on the historical affects, and international repercussions. The real understanding of the theme comes in the 2nd part.

It may not be possible to convey my understandings here. Yet, during the following days, I may insert passages from here and there to keep the debate alive.

Before concluding this letter, may I just say that this feudal factor that I am talking about in many languages, does not necessarily lead to efficient regimentation; but to a sort of splitting of the social structure into a cascade of mutually competing, insecure, hierarchical layers, which may in most cases be of unsteady social levels.

I do not know whether I have added to the confusion. When I need to convey more in limited words, and space, I have to resort to complicated sentences.

About the second part of your letter on Iraq, I need more space to tell my views. But, I would request you to read my second article titled International Intervention, posted on the Article section of this site.

With regard to Columbus, I need to repeat my assertion that the term White Man, need not be connected to the term English, even though it is a fact that many European nations did, during the colonial days, move around in colonial areas under the aegis of the Union Jack, enjoying its pleasing halo of power and prestige; and also, because of its hint of resourceful support in times of crisis. I must say here that the last said words, ‘resourceful support in times of crisis’ is something, the citizens of most non-English nations have no experience with, at least from there own governments. Here, I must stress that I have used the word: most non-English nations, and not all non-English nations.

Posted on: Apr 12 2004

Hi there!

It is a pretty strange feeling to be talking and not hearing anything back. Has even Abm vanished?

Either way I feel that I can go on, for at least, I get a feeling of unburdening my soul.

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