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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Education: Formal verses informal

It is possible that Britain has one of the best education systems in the world. And when compared to many other nations, on a general level, one may claim that English nations do have good schools, and colleges, where not only knowledge is imparted, but the individual also gains much in terms of personality growth and structuring.

But then, when one views education from a general perspective, it is not good to arrive at a very confirmed conviction that formal education always can be better than an informal one.

For, there are times when one finds the school available is not up to the standard, or the child being better in intellectual faculties than what the school expects and appreciates. Or, it may be that what the child needs, as per his personal attitudes and aptitudes, is not what a formal education can provide. There is no need to insist that all children should be moulded into a set pattern, as per the ideas of some educationists.

Also, there is need to understand that persons who have not come out with flying colours from a formal education system, have not always displayed intellectual and other mental weakness, as compared to their counterparts who have come with flying colours. There are many persons in British history itself, who have lived as glowing examples that non-formal education and plain life experiences have made them much, much better than those who shone in schools.

Here I aim not to decry the merits of formal education systems, for it has innumerable plus points, including the fact that the child gets access to children of corresponding age to play and interact with. But then, these companions should be of adequate positive intellectual, familial and cultural attributes, or else, their affects may be not what one may desire.

What I am trying to convey is that there is need to bear in mind that there are children, and parents who may discern the fact that their child can have a better intellectual and physical growth, if they are not forced to join the first school or college, that seems available. They should have the right to wait for an occasion to get intoan institution of their yearning.

Also, it might be good if the nation also, does not block the entry of non-formally qualified, yet of very good intellectual calibre persons, from entering and participating in areas where they can contribute much. For, I know immense Masters degree holders in varying subjects, including English, whose command over their subject is ludicrous. And I also know persons who can compete with these formally qualified persons, with much more calibre, yet remain blocked from formal arenas due to lack of adequate qualifications. The problem they face is that in many cases, the persons who have to qualify them may exist in a much lower mental calibre than these persons.

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