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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
First letter to UKResident

March of the evil empires

Posted on: Mar 26 2004

Hi, over there:

I am not from UK. Yet being a person who has watched with a growing sense of apprehension over what is happening to the English world, with the coming in of cultures, languages, and social philosophies which are absolutely alien to the English social and cultural philosophies, into English nations, I have much to tell you people.

You, who have been endowed with many positive qualities, the reason and measure of which you do not have any idea about, need to understand much about what it is you are dealing with when you meet the outside non-English world. I am yet to meet an English man who knows what the non-English world, especially the Asian world, and possibly the non-English European nations, really are in their mental mood.

There is a strange level of negativity in most of the non-English nations, which do affect their society, history, anthropological features, mental calibre and many other aspects, that they exist as nations and societies, with a natural inclination for mental, physical and intellectual subjugation of a great section of their citizens and all who happen to come under them.

Many English citizens do now have a belief that the problems of the other nations are because of the exploitation by the English nations. Actually this is a fallacy, easily acquired, by reading the writings of persons, who either do not understand the many undercurrents of the evil nations, or are just trying to fool the reader by dishing out false information.

Actually, what I am talking about is a very complex theme. What I would like to just say here is that there is need for the English nations to understand many things about the other nations, which they do not know and possibly cannot understand.

I would say that Robert Clive who captured India, and administered this nation for many years, was more intelligent in this regard, than many other so-called Asian scholars of English nations. Yet, he was hounded to death over there.

You see, Britain is a small nation geographically. Yet, it was the most significant nation the world has ever seen. And it still is, even though, many English citizens may not believe it. There is something of enduring positive character in the English mental mood that exists there as a sort of halo, which has endured through the centuries, and may still protect the nation in the years to come. But what this halo is, most of the English citizens would not know.

Yet, it has come to my knowledge what it is. But, I have my grave misgivings, when I see English nations slowly becoming non-English in many sense of the word.

There is a great danger in this.

I cannot go much further. But, before concluding, I need to appeal to the English citizens to just sit back contemplate on what is happening all over the world.

You may see that I have not been very clear. Yet, what I am saying is a great idea.

I will come back again and continue. Let me see what the response is.


Reply to UKResident

March of the Evil Empires

Posted on: Mar 30 2004

Hi Tony:

I was happy to receive your letter, for at least the fact that you have put in time to reply to the points in my letter. Yet, I must say that the reply is far from the subject that I wanted to bring into the ambit of discussion and debate.

You see, I was not trying to bring the past of the British Empire to the realm of debate. What I wanted to bring to limelight was about a growing sense of unease that enwraps me, when I see non-English social and language systems entering English social systems, and being accorded legitimacy.

Here I am not talking about colour, or skin complexion, but about the fact that many non-English languages do have inherent negativity embedded in them.

I find that most modern English speakers, who live in splendid isolation from non-English social systems, do not have any inkling about this factor, which I would say is something even the so-called scholars have not understood much.

Maybe, English-speaking persons in South Africa may have seen this factor at close quarters. Or persons who have lived in China, or India or any other Asian nations would have understood this factor, in a vague manner. And again, English persons who have lived in such European nations as Spain may have seen it; and also, when one goes to South American states, they may have discerned this factor. Yet, how many have understood the underlying program or let us say, software, that creates the negativity?

It would be very juvenile to believe that there is something in the Englishman’s genes or DNA that has made them a society with very positive attributes. For, I would content that if a child of British descent is made to live in Asian nations, in native social systems, and native language, with no reference to its British connections, would only exhibit native mental features, with even anthropological features showing a tendency to metamorphosis.

At the same time, if an Asian child were to be brought up in British social atmosphere, with absolute English environments, then this person would exhibit English social and mental features.

From this introduction, let me say that what the English nations should do is to understand that the English societies are different from others. And to take steps to see that the English systems are protected from the onslaughts of others who, when seen from the English mood, can be described as barbarians. Here, the description is not on the basis of any racial basis. But on the basis of some other features, which I need a lot of space to explain. In this regard, I would claim with absolute conviction, that English speaking persons and nations should not have any connection with the term ‘White’. For, the whole of Europe, excluding the miniscule isles called Great Britain, is non-English, with some of them having cultivated fierce anti-English postures for centuries.

Before proceeding further, I need to quote from my book, “March of the Evil Empires”: “This is the real reason, why a common British citizen could think of the Gravitational pull and then lead on the argument to reach the realm of classical science; why the British administrative systems, though remarkably simple, was unique; why every branch of human knowledge bloomed in the minds of the common citizens, while at the same time many other countries were filled with remarkable scholars, and hallowed persons, with negligible contributions to human knowledge. And this is the reason why British claim themselves as a nation of geniuses*, when actually they are only a nation of ordinary persons using their brains and social communication to process ideas in a most un-harried and unhindered atmosphere.”

Let me put my arguments into proper context by saying that I do not think that the British are more intelligent than many others all round the world. For, even in India, one may find many persons with resounding intelligence; yet, they never could bring in the positive features found common in English social atmosphere. There is something else about the English speaking persons, which was unique, and was the content that led to the creation of many lines like: “England always wins the last battleFor, let me quote from my book again:

“Now coming back to the scene of the bombing of London, it is a fact that the people there faced the barrage of bombing because they were English; if they were Indians or some other group of people from certain other nations, that bombing would have been enough to vanish the nation into thin air. Also, the more people start speaking different languages in Britain, the more Britain would become weak. For, it may be remembered that always Britain won the last battle, not because of their numerical strength, but because of inner homogeneity that persisted through the long periods of tribulations, while the enemies withered during both the periods of triumphs and tribulations.”

Here you may find that I have brought in the term “homogeneity”. This factor also is connected to the main feature that brought in the positive halo on the English nations.

Now referring to your reply, I do think that it was good for the British to have got out of the colonies, or else Britain would now have been filled with crowds of colonial elites, who possibly would have destructed the English structure. Yet, this topic does need a more board-based debate.

I have no space here to go into the issues like Indo-Pak conflict etc., but what could be of more immediate issue is that the English world is now facing an acute threat in the form of non-English nationals intruding the workspace and also the economic scene. If it were persons who are native English speakers, it is okay; but since I can perceive many factors about the non-English capitalists, and economic leaders, which may at the moment be unfathomable to the ordinary English person, I think that I should put in a word of caution. It is true that the English world has experienced many calamities and bruises, and come out with renewed vigour. Yet, in all these affairs, the English social and economic scene was still retaining its English flavour. Now there is a sea change in the possibilities that have appeared as apparitions on the horizon.

When non-English social programs start running in perfect English social scenes, there may start appearing something which may be identified as viruses, which can wreak havoc on many social institutions, which have survived the onslaught of many other disasters.

I cannot proceed further in this brief space.


Posted on: Apr 2 2004

Hi anton:

I sure am happy to see your letter.

I do not want to seem like a wise guy.

Let me explain.

There is a basic difference in English from many other languages. I can’t speak here, about every language in the same voice. Yet, what I want to bring to the fore is that many languages have a feature of hierarchy or feudal structuring in it. It is possible some level of understanding is there about the existence of this in scholarly circles. Yet, as far as the general public is concerned, there is need to understand the overwhelming power of this.

And by studying the embedded social programs in each language, one may even predict its structure, social stability and many other features. There is negativity of a very high order in many languages, which can bring grief to persons who get caught in its web.

I can prove that not only mental calibre, but also such things as poverty in the midst of prosperity etc. can all be traced to this issue.

I have fears that I have made my theme sound very mundane. But kindly bear in mind that all societal behaviours you find, even in aborigines can be traced to the program in their language.

Now this is bit of original thinking. I hope my post is short and crisp.

And mind you, though my post may seem to have an infection of “anglophilia”, it sure is not the case.

Posted on: Apr 3 2004

Hi Anton and Justin of Oz:

It really is interesting the way the ‘antipodean’ understanding stands. Yet, I would really ponder, in a few years time, where the term ‘antipodean’ would stand in terms of understanding.

At the sametime, I express my real delight in having got such remarkable replies and comments.

At the same time, with all respects-I do maintain my original request that my writings may be read, at least for its strangeness.

About the vladians, well, it is a real delight to be enlightened.

Posted on: Apr 5 2004


Thanks for your persevering interest!

I do know that wizardry is the latest fashion; and possibly fairytales also may have a market (I do admit that Enid Blyton still remains a queen. But why drag her into this?), yet my tale is not a fairytale. Even though it may have evoked such feelings, when seen in pieces.

And man, how you revel in such delightful snubs? But I must admit that I do not have the scholarship to compete at that level.

Posted on: Apr 8 2004

Hi over there:

As a continuation of the theme, I posted here, may I continue?

Persons in policy and decision-making positions in English nations need to understand more about non-English national mindset. In this regard, and also because of the ever-increasing significance and complexity of the American intervention in Iraq, I would like to paste here a slightly edited, very small section from my book. Persons who have the time, and also the inclination are requested to read the same.

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