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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The other face of ‘Terrorism’

Today let me post an article I wrote.

Apart from a series of other reasons, why America is increasingly being seen as a nation with a negative connotation, is that it is increasingly identifying itself with negative nations. It is true that it is the target of terrorist attacks.

But this situation has led it into a very confused understanding of what is terrorism. The most important understanding to be had is that most of the Asian, African and South American nations, are basically rogue nations, that aim not the international community but the stagnation and strangulation of their own citizens. In all these nations, a small percentage of the population enjoy the great comforts that modern technologies and living styles have created. The majority population live not only in abject poverty, but also, in severe restrictions in articulation of their pains. This last item is more or less a continuing social phenomenon for so many centuries.

When anybody goes to these nations, the vulnerable sections remain more or less invisible, and live lives of terrifying vulnerability.

And it needs to be understood that no English national would bear to live in any of these nations, at the mental levels these persons live. Anyone with a little level of self-respect would revolt.

Now, these revolutions that takes place in individual nations, need not be identified with international terrorism. Even though, due to the similitude of the action programme, there may be some superficial connection between them.

Communist revolutions in many nations are the spontaneous outburst of suppressed people, who have been ensnared by the promises of communism. America, instead of identifying itself with the national leadership of these nations, should seek to identify itself with the cause of the suppressed persons, and put pressure on the individual governments.

Any other course would be a misguided action. With long-term repercussions.

And Abm: I really think this theme should really be debated by America. It does not come in my book.

Posted on: May 3 2004

Hi Morgoth: I was pleasantly surprised to see your post.

I retorted to you in a pleasantly jolting manner, as I thought I was on to one more of snubs that at times come flying at me.

It is delightful to know that you come with a very interesting racial combination.

About the length of my postings: I need to be elaborate. It is because what I am proposing is not a continuation of some other’s thought. And as such I need to be very lucid.

You see, the moment I was born (in a non-English nation) I had a curious feeling that there was something wrong with the communication program there. Later when I learned English, I sort of absorbed it as a sponge. By the time, I was in the tenth class (age 14) I had read a lot of the English classical writers, including Maugham, Oscar Wilde etc.

I believe that you are a UK citizen. Then it is possible that you are in an enviable position compared to so many others all round the world.

Even though there is so much debate on non-English cultures, and racism, and such other things, and a feeling of guilt for past ‘misdeeds’, actually English systems and social behaviour are very, very soft and delicate.

English social systems do require a level of protection, from cruder cultures. It is not the other way round. When English-speaking persons (they need not be White or from England) take steps to protect themselves from the barbs of impolite communication systems, many may understand them as racists (if the subjects are White) or as snobbish elites (if the subjects are rich) or as social recluses (if the subjects are not rich enough to have their own enclosures).

Here again, do not, for God’s sake, equate English social systems with personalities.

Racism basically springs from the generation of a sense of insecurity, when one perceives an overwhelming force of an alien culture. Yet, this feeling is there all over the world. It is not just a White phenomenon. Only when the colour contrast is so drastic does one term it as racism.

When you mentioned the exploitation of African nations by English capitalistic, do you really believe that all Africans are so gullible and naïve. It is very much possible that there are social set-ups in Africa that felicitates this exploitation. Also, it is very much possible that the capitalists in the West also would not maintain a loyalty for their nations, when it comes to their inner interests and competition. (Remember the Factory Systems in England).

You can compare the colonialism of the Germans, Belgians, French and many others including the Indians (in East Africa); don’t you see that the overall affect of theirs has a qualitative difference with that of the British colonialism. Even though the colonial officials caused deep resentment in their own country, when they came back displaying the feudal aura that they had imbibed, their presence did bring in a supernatural level of positive change in the colonial nations. The best thing that they presented was the English language.

The singularity of the English society does not exist in their Kings, their colour, their dressing, their seeming intellect or in so many other things. But in the various grooves of their language. Even their Monarchs have been brought down from the lofty pedestal that other Monarchs occupy, and have been made to exist at an earthly level in one of these grooves.

Morgoth, it is possible that the length of my writing has gone beyond endurable limits.

I need to explain why I am posting so much in so detail. I am not a professional writer.

Over the years, I have diligently made observations, and developed my understanding as to why English has a very superior social program, that makes the speakers of this language, exist in an elevated, yet softer social system. The so-called skin-colour doesn’t actually matter.

I have written a book, the name I have already mentioned. I am awaiting the confirmation of its ISDN number. I am sure that in this book there are an immense number of ideas that I mean to convey. As a writer going for self-publishing, I sure am grateful to Tony for having given me this space.

As for my word ‘meagre’ it was not addressed to you specifically. It was a general comment on the citizens in the English world. I will write more on this later.

I am desperate that England should continue to exist, without being infected by a virus, that I have discerned in my studies. You see, it is not for the sake of the Englishmen, that I am frantic. But because of the fact that England is the real abode of English. Everywhere else English, and the social philosophy embedded in it, is being stretched and contorted beyond tolerable limits.

One needs a standard to measure and correct the other systems. If this standard disappears, then I for one would feel at a loss, when I want to delineate the difference.

I deeply apologise for the length, which I, despite my efforts, could not limit.

Posted on: May 4 2004

In another thread, when I replied to Wilf with an ‘I can only say, My God’, possibly he took offence. And Morgoth got distressed when I said ‘As for your understanding about other Ethnic groups, I would claim it is very meagre’; even though this comment was prompted by the general lack of understanding of what I was saying, among the other members who reacted to my writings.

What I said was not anything about offensive words, as about a homosexual, or of such words as ‘nigger’ etc. One can call a person a ‘dog’ or a ‘son of bitch’. These are all offensive words, and are understood as such.

I am trying to convey about something, which is entirely different. My theme is about words with social structure embedded in them; they are not ‘impolite’ in any sense we understand in English; even though the total affect is much more than impolite.

You see, I am trying to convey what is in my book. I will be brief and say that in feudal languages, persons do not exist in a same level of mental dignity. In each word, each addressing, in each referring to, and in many other ways, persons exists with a very strange experience of either social elevation or suppression. Both get markedly different social acknowledgement, with all interactions radiating the structured vibes.

The total effect is that the society is splintered into a series of levels, with a multifarious affect on everyone. It is very visible. The effect of this on an English society is very terrible, and when it goes on without the knowledge of the mainstream citizens, as a sort of underhand communication, it becomes a very evil thing.

I will take a small theme that comes in the introduction of my second part of my book. Maybe it will convey some sense.

“When I was in Delhi*, a place where the language is Hindi, I used to go and meet many businessmen, in the course of my business, which included even meeting Publishers. Suppose when I am sitting with the Proprietor or Manager, or Editor, or even with my friend who may be a Businessman, I need a glass of water. I tell the man sitting opposite (in this case, either the Proprietor, Manager etc.) that I need a glass of water. He would immediately call his subordinate, either the lower staff or his secretary to get a glass of water. In Hindi, the word for He is either Ous or Oun, and for For Him the words are Ous Ko, and Oun Ko respectively. The former without formal respect and the latter with formal feudal respect. What he would say would be: Give him a glass of water. Or something to that effect. When the first dialogue is dealt out, one can distinctly feel the subordinate personnel keenly seeking for the key word used, that is, whether it is Ous or Oun

The effect the different words can create is purely remarkable. For, if the word used is Oun, the whole atmosphere in the office changes, to an air of sweetness. The body language of the subordinate changes to unconsciously exhibit reverence and deference. There is not only an air of submission, but also a quickening of bodily movement to accomplish the requirement. At the same time, if the word used is Ous, then also the effect is supremely phenomenal. The subordinate personnel’s body language changes to that of marked discourtesy, and the air in the whole office turns to that of indifference and disdain. A general immobility unconsciously comes into play. The requested item’s arrival is not so fast as could have been in the other case. In both cases, there would have been no other verbal communication made to indicate the importance, or lack of it, of the person referred to, other than the change of Oun to Ous. “

Gentlemen, have I conveyed some sense, after all these days? Most feudal languages have this structure. My book is about this understanding and its implications for the English world. The idea is of much graver issue than you may have understood here. For, the understanding really froze the Englishmen during the colonial days, who came educated in the Humanities, in psychic enclosures in the colonies, dreading the native social intrusions. And superficially contorted them to display racist aloofness. It is possible that each time, feudal languages are being spoken around you, your society, and you yourself are getting splintered and contorted in a most eerie manner.

And it affects everyone. And it restructures the society.

Posted on: May 5 2004

I am truly gratified, to see someone had the guts to look at the issue in the eye.

It is not easy to do it. And my experience in this regard, was that I needed a lot of courage to delve deep into this theme.

When I think of it, I must mention my two of my near kin, who when they were studying in privileged schools, did like communism very much, as a fascinating idea. The whole concept was wonderful and like a fairytale.

But when they became professionals, I do not think they had the guts to like the lower guys. For, they came with a very negative infliction. This was in the language. Actually, it is like a potential difference. Depends on the layers of social distance between two persons or groups.

I hope to see your posts in this regard.

At the same time, I do feel that the posts of England Expects do have some lingering points, but there is a severe lacking in a certain understanding. For, if he is simply going on identifying himself with the White man, why did Britain go to war with Germany in two wars. The looming threat of the non-White immigrant needs to be understood in a very different manner, for as I said earlier, English native speakers do not have much idea as to what they are dealing with. I mean the software.

Do you understand that there is simply a difference between the non-White man who is English in mental mood, and the non-White man who lives in the native areas, with no English? Actually, there is another group: that of the person who lives in a non-English mental mood, and yet is good in English. This person is the most to be feared, as far as English nations are concerned. This man can be of any colour, even white. My elaborations will come later.

I have seen writings that start with criticising England/Britain, that then go in for illustrative examples of the Spanish Inquisition, The cruelty in the Spanish colonial adventures, the Holocaust, The Defeat of Russia by Japan etc. Well, if England really wants to identify itself with all these items, then it is a real shame.

Posted on: May 8 2004

From reading many of the writings on this site, I do discern what I had feared many years ago. There is a fear of the non-White immigrant, who comes mainly from the Asian mainland. The lot that comes from the African mainland also does bring in psychic disturbance. It is generally understood that such things will be there, as we all can say with much ease that ‘newer cultures bring in a social distraction’. Yet it is not so easy an understanding as that.

For, think of a group of persons who are native born of USA; would they bring in such feelings of disquiet?

Actually, there is another element, which is a natural understanding among the natives of Asian nations. They, also like the Whites, take pain to befriend persons whose antecedents are acceptable. If it is not colour, there are many other attributes that equally do the job.

When one talk of colonialism, one just thinks of the persons from these nations who worked as menial servants and other jobs; yet, in these nations there were so many other groups of persons who existed much above the servant class.

Yet, it must be admitted that they were very anxious that the lower classes should not rise above their station, as in the language, they exist in a very negative area; any upward movement of these persons should immediately cause severe trouble in the social machinery. And it was the truth.

The British colonialists did create a lot of social havoc in the Asian nations, when they took a lot of these lower guys as their staff; this more or less gave a real boost to the these guys, in terms of mental stature, for do not under any circumstance think that the English behaviour was brutal and markedly slavish, for it was not, in comparison to what was the reality before they came.

But what the British did was a real pain to the social set-up, and in many ways it was good they were sent off as early as possible. For, if they had continued for a fifty years more, a lot of singularly repressed persons would have climbed the social ladder.

But the British themselves could be at ease with the senior persons of the society, as to be on any terms of social interaction with the lower class of the society would really transfer the bear-hug of overwhelming social crushing on the British also. Do not believe that what I am saying is something of an imaginary scenario.

In one of Somerset Maugham’s short stories, I did really see an English man engulfed in the negativity that I had been able to imagine many years ago. (I really do believe that the insights of many of Maugham’s stories are really of fabulous standards). In this story, (I do not remember its name) one young Englishman working in the colonial services is infatuated by a native girl, and marries her (much against the advice of his fellowmen). He knows the native language. The girl is beautiful; yet whatever he does, she refuses to delete her native mental mood.

When a child is born, he desperately wants to bring him up in English, for he senses what I have elaborated- a negative social atmosphere in the native language. He arranges a transfer of his job to England, and takes his wife and child there, and initiates his son’s education there.

One day, his wife, without his knowledge, takes his child and goes back home. He follows her, greatly distracted. The tragedy starts; he has to resign his job; (in the native language, now he goes into the lower end of the social stratum; this is not understandable in English, and this idea is my insertion here).

He lives with his wife’s family, as one among them, on the lower levels of social existence; being infected with the social negativity that overbears on persons who have lost their position, he finds it difficult to move with his English compatriots; knowing the native language, he and only he can understand the change that has come in the mental framework that designs society.

He moves on to the inevitable end of the story.

One of the most fascinating members in this debate site is England Expects. His self-assurance is really remarkable. And I can empathise with him. And I could imagine the creation of this mood, many years ago.

Earlier the Englishman is concerned with the intrusion of the French, the Germans, the Russians, the Spanish and others. The question of the non-White crowd being a threat to the social system was not contemplated at all. There was no understanding that they also could compete for the social and workspace in the English nations. And its long-term repercussions were not thought worthy of serious consideration.

Actually, the mental elevation that English and English citizens do have is not genetic as England Expects claims. It is absolutely a direct consequence of a very comfortable communication software used for thought and speech. Nothing else. Any person, of whatever colour, if brought up absolutely in English systems would radiate the same level of functioning calibre.

And let me tell you that if any English child was brought up in any Asian language, like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Chinese etc. at the lower end of communication structure, then that child would not exhibit any English social or functioning calibre; only just a obsequious, ambivalent, shifty personality with wavering rectitude. It is the mental software program in active work.

And if he were brought up in the elevated areas of the language, his overbearing nature would have made the ordinary English native scream with irritation.

Moreover if there is any contention that only Englishmen have supreme calibre, that also needs to be corrected. For, I sure know non-English persons with resounding mental calibre; but the problem with them, is if they stand with three of their countrymen, what they create is a very hierarchical social atmosphere, in which all communication is stalled by the requirements of extracting feudal respect. He or they wont be able to bring about an intelligent social atmosphere, which a most ordinary group of English persons can develop.

The problem is in the language. Feudal languages will erode your society. Otherwise there is nothing genetically wrong with anyone

Posted on: May 12 2004


In your opinion:

Hi Peanut: Even though I have not yet had the time to give you a real lengthy reply I must admit that your inferences are absolutely right. Beyond that, give me some time.

There is a design in each language, and it is the designs inside the English language, that is running your nation. For, US is a British creation, and it is place where the whole world can get British training without having to barge into Britain.

What differentiates you from South American nations is that their societies run on other languages, possibly a variation of Spanish, or Portuguese, amalgamated with native Indian tongues.

I hear that there are a lot of places with Spanish language environment in your nation; well, there it wont be the English US, but a variant of a different variety.

Forgive me for talking in riddles,

Give me some more time, and I offer my deepest apologies for writing my theme in so complicated a manner, when the real idea is much more simpler.

Posted on: May 14 2004

It might be true that there is a level of arrogance on the growth in the USA. But, let us go to the creation of your nation.

People always think that USA is a new nation, and surprisingly intelligent at that, being able to create a lot of administrative infrastructure, with seeming ease, while many other nations, both new and old, still find it very, very difficult to run their systems in a logical manner. The fact is that USA is not new in any sense, it was just a continuation of the intense historical experience of the British, that created a new nation, called USA. Even though, they took the stupid pain to throw out their British yolk, this fact remains.

But then, over the years it has become a nation where anyone from any nation can come and imbibe the English systems, including that in mutual communication. May I remind you that many of the most easy levels of personal interaction, one can practise in English is not possible in many other languages?

When a lot of people come to USA from non-English nations, the earlier English base of the nation, would severely get jolted. Along with them would come their native arrogance, nasty bureaucratic systems, corruption, nepotism, brutal police, and many other things.

Even then, I must claim that many of the things that US does all round the world, for which it is heavily vilified, are not of so much criminality, when one compares what other nations do. For example, let us take the recent case of abuse of prisoners in Iraq. I have not seen the pictures. Yet, I really do wonder whether they would match in brutality with what takes place as an everyday event in most police stations in third world nations. In these nations, the common policeman who comes from the brutal ranks literally beats up anyone who is arrested for any flimsy charge, to a pulp, if he has no clout.

Posted on: May 18 2004

Hi let me continue:

Back to the US: Let me quote a very small portion from my book, but I should warn you that since it is a continuation of a large amount of arguments, it is possible you may not get the full gist of what I am saying.

“Yet the continuous and incessant bombardment of alien cultural ideology embedded in feudal languages, could create experiences, which are not English and will lead USA to social tensions. Though the extreme emotional disturbances, it causes would be understood as racial feelings, and colour discrimination, the real reasons could be the strange, and disturbing social restructuring that is being forced on an easy going English society. Ordinary, peaceful persons would react violently to alien disturbing cultural signals, which are disturbing, and at the same time difficult to understand.

With callous indifference, one can claim that America is the melting pot of cultures. If full melting does take place, and an English mould is formed, it is all right. But I have fears that with this severe influx of alien cultures that come with a package of virus software, a stage may come, at least, in certain areas, where the innate resilience of the English structure may be severely tested; and cause much distress to the individual persons; and can in a matter of time, cause domino effect on many other areas, causing strange happenings of technological failure, inefficiency, conflict, hatred, events that may be described with shallow understanding as racially motivated, decent and peaceful persons acting with unnatural violence etc.

Rude officialdom, arrogant and trigger-happy police, increasing corruption, insolent attitude to persons who are judged to be doing lower jobs, time consuming judiciary, rules and regulations, which are laughable in meaning but having a sting from which many get hurt, and a general feeling of hopeless for the solitary individual, as against the might of the society are all general characters of the effect of feudal languages.

What has to be borne in mind is that feudal languages do have elements in them, which aim at subjugation; and where they fail to do so, they may at least cause deep mental hurt. And that too, in an extremely soft and inconspicuous manner, that it may not be discernible to another person, other than the person who felt it. Though persons who do not know these languages may not actually understand the full significance of each and every word; they may be able to sense the negativity from the body language of the person who says the words, and of the other’s of the same language who may actually understand it.”

Posted on: May 22 2004


Ethnic minoritys are an essential part of any society, throughout history. They bring ideas, innovation and with these, more importantly language.

Wilf: I need to answer you.

No one would say that loading a virus-infected program into an otherwise perfect computer is going to add to its versatility, or intelligence.

Can you understand the great paradox of the problem? No Englishman can easily understand what I am saying, yet it is a living reality all round you.

Quote: Abm:

Are these terrible things going to happen/happening the under feudal language system ? How do non English people embrace English language if they don’t need it. Is there any way for English nations to sell these consequences to non English and bring the goodness you are talking about?

And Abm: the answer is, there are. And the tragedy is that no one has really given much thought to this factor, which is most assuredly the villain of the piece. And it is not possible to induce the persons to accept the positive social systems; they can only be given an exposure to the other side of existence, which cannot exist in their language and thought process. It should be done in such a manner that the correcting systems themselves should not be corrupted, by being exposed to viruses.

I hope I am crisp and short enough, but hasn’t the riddle deepened?

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