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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 1
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Posted on: May 12 2004

Britain is a small island. If there was nothing special about it , it is as good as say Sri Lanka. Hence, it is imperative that it does not one day become like Sri Lanka.

Many years ago itself, I did feel that there is something of a sort of gullibility about the whole immigration policy of Britain. One thing that made me think like that was on seeing the general type of people who go to Britain, and their general attitude to British way of life.

No nation can afford to have people just barging in like that happens in English nations. I have seen even fewer than fifty persons of non-local linguistic converging on a non-English nation town causing severe mental disturbance to the local citizens. One reason this happens is that one non-English linguistic group understands another group very well, which is something English nations severely lack.

See the case of the Middle East nations. Lots of immigrant workers come, and leave, and are happy. For they live and leave with no grumbling. No case of racial discrimination, even though most Asian nationals live there with bare human rights. But in English nations, one person comes to work; his or her spouse is given right of entry. Then their parents. All are later given citizenship. Are the English lawmakers mad?

Another thing is that all will enjoy the life there. Why? Because, life in English environment is always nice, compared to life in any other language environment. But, the question is do the people who come have the requisite mental understanding of the heritage and historical mood of what is Britain? For, many of them would still have an underlying theme that these ‘crooks’ exploited their nation, and made it poor, and ‘we are here to avenge for that’.

It is very good if Britain and all English nations, do insist that all would be immigrants have a very deep understanding of what is Britain. Its literature, its classical authors, the battles, the leaders, the stories, the nursery rhymes, the legends, the heroes, the heroines, the systematic development of political system and many other things. It is not necessary that a native person should need to know it, for it there in the everyday verbal environment. But the person who wants to become a Briton, should have this as a very necessary item of mental mood.

Along with this, there is no need to give a blanket citizenship immediately even to those who seem to fit in. For, there will definitely be need to weed out elements who carry anti-British themes in their mind, and become source of poison in the society. When a cricket game is being played between Britain and another nation, these persons may be seen sitting with a British passport and applauding the other side.

Or in the times of war, and such other things, we may find such persons sitting inside and singing the praise of the enemy.

I have seen many journalists of third world nations, who write heavily anti-British themes in their local papers, going to Britain as if on a seasonal holiday. Whether they ultimately end up as British citizens, I do not know. But, if such things are happening, then the British foreign office really needs to be vigilant.

I know of many communist party leaders who spend the better part of their life indoctrinating the third world population about the villainy of the British, later moving their families to the English nations.

Well, I think, though the points I have raised may seem of minor importance, it would be good for the sake of posterity to give a little thought to them.

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