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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
10. Immigration to English nations

Now we come to a very difficult area of debate: The question of what would be the long-term affect of non-English speaking population immigration to the English nations and also that of outsourcing of jobs, and that of business processes including manufacturing.

This is a very complex issue with a lot of side issues, many of which are connected to the language character also. One of the main themes that should be borne always in mind is that in recent times, especially in the last ten years or so, a lot of money, technical know-how, resources, and even the business connections have been allowed to be passed on to the non-English speaking nationalities. The average Englishman was not unduly worried about the long-term implications of this event. For he lives in a cocoon-like social structure, where the negative effects of a feudal language living condition has very rarely disturbed him.

The colonial experience: The only English persons, who, more or less, did have some level of understanding of the sinister implications of these feudal language social forces, must have been the English persons, who lived in Asian or African colonies, practising a sort of psychic aloofness from its sharp sting. Yet, there is proof they were very much aware of its existence; and of the diligent effort they took to keep it at bay from inflicting their social communication.

One of the major barriers that they tried to keep was by not to marrying into Asian or African families. If at all they did marry, they more or less existed beyond the clutches of the feudal communication systems, by maintaining a sort of superior aloofness. However those who failed to maintain the superiority, or failed to understand the hidden social force in feudal social communication systems, and spiritedly went on to learn the local dialects, and mixed heavily, and then by some factor of ill-luck, lost their superior footing must have seen the full fury of the feudal language stifling in a structured family and social system. All other Englishmen would never understand the full reality of what I am repeatedly harping on.

When England started having colonies, the new-rich commercial class, saw the expanse of the wide-world and also the varying status of the many levels of society. It had its immediate impact in English commercial systems. A sort of disdain for the working class, more or less, as that seen in Asian nations, infected the minds of the English businessmen. Yet, the society in England was English. The pitiable levels of the working class there wouldn’t synchronise with the English communication systems. For, in English language, everyone has more or less equal human dignity.

This factor is very much absent in feudal languages. For example, I have heard in English movies, many persons using the words, ‘ it is my right:- to know;-to understand;-to have an explanation;-to dignity;-to decency;-to civil behaviour etc.’ It may surprise many when I say that such rights are not there in feudal language communication systems. For, the person who is understood to be of the lower indicant level does not have any such rights. It is very much in the psychic affect of the language. Do not think that a daring person can demand it. It would not work. For, if anyone tries it, it would only evoke anger, distress, surprise, a sense of impertinence etc. It would not be taken as a decent demand of equal rights. The higher indicant level person would not be required to make such demands. For along with higher indicant words, all things like decent behaviour, precedence, courtesy etc. comes naturally.

A lot of non-English speaking persons coming to the English nations is an unmitigated disaster for the English nation and its people. Just knowing English is not enough, unless they know what is good about English, and why their native-tongues should not be allowed to get embedded in the English society. There is need to have an understanding of the heritage that the English language carries in its depth. Otherwise, there would come to be an understanding that English is just another language like say Tamil, or Hindi, or Spanish, or Zulu.