Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

നീ മധുപകരൂ, മലർചൊരിയൂ, അനുരാഗ പൌർണ്ണമിയേ...

One of the great songs that prove that in the Age of Vayalar, all film songwriters came in close proximity to him; for otherwise, they had no place in the Malayalam films. In those misty early years, there was no compromise on quality.

It is a most romantic song, most befitting the scene:

Oh, ye, adoring luminance, pour out your honey and flowers on to me; Let not your affection go awry, nor wither away; oh, you gleam of lovely light.

This sparkling romantic exchange; all bells and twinkle!! The playful nightingale has started കളിപറഞ്ഞിരിക്കും കിളിതുടങ്ങിയല്ലോ! its melody of adoration. The unfading season of affection has come visiting the souls.

In the skies, the stars are in rapt attention, lured, they are, by soft sensual stories മാനംകഥപറഞ്ഞു, താരം കേട്ടിരുന്ന ആകാശമണിയറയിൽ. Soundlessly, into your heart, as a trespasser have I sneaked in. Without anyone, neither the people, nor your senses, knowing, your feelings, have I captured.

It is a great song! And aptly acted out by Prem Nazir; the charm he radiates, the love, the affection, the sweet thrill of the solitary discourse; well, it is wonderful!! Sheela stands in wonderful synchronisation!!!

The mood of mystic love, the confidence of doubtless affection, the possessiveness of perfect attachment, all ream out in the scene.

I have not given the literal meaning, but only the sense that possesses the mind as one hears the song.

Lyricist: P Bhaskaran

Musician: Usha Khanna

Film: Moodalmanju

Direction: Sudhin Menon