Devikulam malayil

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

ദേവികുളം മലയിൽ!

ചിത്രം: തേനരുവി (1973)

സംവിധാനം : കുഞ്ചാക്കോ

ഗാനരചന : വയലാർ

സംഗീതം : ജി ദേവരാജൻ

ആലാപനം : കെ ജെ യേശുദാസ് & പി മാധുരി

Again I need to write from a background of not knowing the story of the film. Yet, the song is simply wonderful, in the way it has been entwined with the cherubic looks of Prem Nazir and the sweet graceful figure of Vijayasree. She moves her divinely chiselled figure for her angelic figured lord of her heart to behold. The splendorous beauty of the surroundings, etched in greenery, blue slopes and the far reaches of the misty horizon, add to the terrific loveliness of the words ‘Devikulammala ദേവികുളംമല’, ‘Thenaruvikkara തേനരുവിക്കര’ and ‘Onnamkunnu ഒന്നാംകുന്ന്’!

The soft breeze in the scene adds to the luxurious content in the words and the scene. Prem Nazir definitely has the physical charm to seduce the eager and keen lass, who darts around kindling unbridle-able aphrodisiac arousals in the beholder.

Vijayasree is seen rejoicing in the effusive liberty that seems to have dawned upon her, the slave-damsel ( the wooded hills. A feeling of unrestrained freedom is what she displays. She is shy, coy and also brazen in the way she flaunts her features in unspoken hints to what has been placed in purposeful concealment. Her emancipator evidently is Prem Nazir. He has to unravel her in the many senses of the word.

The lines of the song if relocated into English in their bare verbal meanings might not convey the resounding beauty of the words. Yet, let me try to move them in their total 3-Dimensional content.

On DevikulamMala, which literally means the Mountaintop of the pool of the goddess; by the shores of Theanaruvi, which literally means by the banks of the stream of honey or nectar.

Literally, by the banks of the torrent of sweetened waters on the celestial pool of the goddess!

She rejoins with her words: Oh, Ye Silver-hued divinity of the unbidden, sweet-scented Thazhampoo (പൂക്കൈതപ്പൂവിനുള്ളിലെ വെള്ളിദേവാ!).

He continues: Oh, Kamadeva, (Eros / Cupid), Oh you, goddess of endearment, have you run out of your arrows?

(Incidentally Kamadeva has five arrows – those of allurement or enticement, commotion, set afire, aridity and that of devastation. I think here, Prem Nazir or rather Vayalar RamaVarma is alluding to the arrow of allurement. Moreover, it is seen mentioned elsewhere that his arrows have these flowers decked on them:

Aravinda (White Lotus വെള്ളത്താമര), Ashoka (അശോകം), Cuta (Mango Flower മാംപൂവ്), Navamalika (Jasmine മുല്ലപ്പൂവ്) and Nilotpala (Blue Lotus നീലോൽപ്പലം). I do not know what these flowers are supposed to do.)

She: In the tender soil-bed dug out by the rhythmic twirl of the whirling waters, had I planted my Kumkuma plant. Oh, You who hath pinched the first tendril off from this, I, who had come for sowing in the lower slopes, to you am I shacked in endearment.

His tuneful promise is that thence, ‘You are royalty, and not a bound-to-the-soil (!’

She: Slicing the tender sprouts of soft rush grass (ഓടപ്പുല്ല്), have I cut the straws one by one (ഓരോ കുഴൽ വെട്ടി). Oh to you, who have eagerly gulped down the honey, I had offered, in the hollows of the bamboo-measure vessel (തേൻ മുളനാഴി)- I, who had come to hold oil wick-lamps for the deity on Onnam Kunnu, am a bound-to-the-soil slave.

He reassures her: Nay, from now on, You are a lady! And not a servant girl of the despotic landlords.

I cannot say for sure if this is a song of pure love or of love interspersed with mutual sensual cravings and offerings. Or that of mere physical seduction! Prem Nazir, though extruding effeminate charm, can definitely enthral the lady with his sweet words and promises of sweeter kisses! Vijayasree does fold her rounded figure to spell out the hidden magic in the creases! Reminiscent of the marble figures of semi-clad Greek goddesses!

Beyond that, it may be mentioned that three geographical locations are seen mentioned in the song. Devikulam Mala, Theanaruvikkara and Onnamkunnu.

G. Devarajan’s music is superb. The tune is fabulous. Both add to make this a great song for listening. The photography is also extremely nice.