Gandharvanagarangal alangarikkaanpokum....

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

ഗന്ധർവ്വനഗരങ്ങൾ അലങ്കിരിക്കാൻപോകും...

The total theme of the song is a very simple one, indeed. Yet, as Jayabharathi dances out her aching, worshipful, erotic yearnings, under the sparkling, beaded night-skies, the verse moves beyond the ambit of common earthly locations. The studded ethereal spheres of gandarvas and apsaras (ഗന്ധർവ്വനഗരങ്ങൾ), and their golden townships, that line the sides of the pulsating Aakashaganga ആകാശഗംഗ (the streaming MilkyWay), unwrap themselves from their shrouded celestial concealments. In ringing words, loaded with powerful timbre, pitch and tone.

Her appeal is to Indukala, the enigmatic shadowy, and yet, golden moon; the voyager of the mysterious celestial expanses. As she winds around, decorating and lending adornment to dazzling Gandharva hamlets, on her waysides, on the banks of Rasakreedasaras (രാസക്രീഡാ സരസ്സിന്നരികിൽ), the water-spot of fabulous erotic supernatural mating, a solitary hermitage would she come across. There, in the darkened woods lining the valleys of Ramagiri (രാമഗിരിയുടെ മടിയിൽ), would she spy her gorgeous lover, as handsome as the Yaksha in Kalidasa stories.

Into that blossoming, fragrant heart, in that foliage-chalet, by the waterfronts of that blue-hued stream (നീലനദിയുടെ കരയിൽ), you need to go. And my message of love, adoration, worship and passionate yearnings, should you give.

Sitting in bashful coyness, in her own lonely hamlet by the sides of some remote tea plantation, under the lazy gaze of the omniscient moon, sensing the electric pulses of the enwrapping night air, Jayabharathi dances out her sensual desires for her lover. There is uncontrollable unbridling of erotic bustle in her swaying and arching moves. The hugging magnetism in her lovely, twining figure is undeniable; as she dances under the twinkling canopy, all aglow with the fluffy halo of the silvery moonlight. There are promises in her swinging curves. And in her suggestive postures and hidden fissures.

She has done a wonderful job. For, her lover does get to feel the whispery undertones of her soft sensual cravings. From far beyond the reaches of the darkened valleys and the towering slopes.

Vayalar in splendid sync with Devarajan!