Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation


I have not seen this film, but the lines drip with luscious yearnings, for the lover, who she has chanced to meet in the twilight hours of the electric dusk. It was the tipsy hour, when on the darkened tips of the castle towers, the golden moon has hued and slashed itself in the hallowed curve. In the temple grounds, the fig-tree vicinity stood bathed in the shaded moonlight.

Oh, my friend, on the pradhakshina way പ്രദക്ഷിണവഴിയിൽ, my divinity did appear; he came in person. Not one blessing did he lent, neither did he linger to speak വരമൊന്നുതന്നില്ല ഉരിയാടാൻനിന്നില്ല, yet, with soundless words he did say something.

I gave him no flowers and none of my offerings, neither did he take any. No naivedyam of passions were offered നൈവേദ്യം നൽകിയില്ല!. Only my filling eyes decorated the divine form in sparkling colours.

The dark scenery, the bewitching passions that stay etched in her soul and the eerie mood of the setting day, all do lent a vibrant mood to the song. P Bhaskaran in a wonderful mood of creativity!