Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

തമ്പ്രാൻതൊടുത്തത് മലരമ്പ്.

The pounding pulse that sets aflame the mood of the girl, at the mere mention and sight of her youthful lover. It is mentioned that he is the elephant minder of the feudal lord's household.

The lassies are young, cute, green and juvenile, and off course, of impressionable age. The uncontrollable physical effect of adolescent infatuation in one is well paraphrased by the other.

The penance, the patience and the triumph of romantic dreams! There is catastrophic tumbling inside as the ringing chime is heard. Triggering uncontrollable blushing in her cheeks as he appears പൊണ്ണിന്റെ കവിളത്ത് തുടുതുടുപ്പ്.

The flutter in the eyes! What could have stirred it? The desperation to partake in the merriment at the shrine, or the yearning to fuse with the god who crowds your mind?

This tender lassie! There is danger in hanging about unfettered മദംപൊട്ടിനിന്നാൽ പറ്റൂല!; the lord's elephant minder shall definitely catch and shackle her.

The scenery is picturesque. The mood is that of gaiety. There is bliss and colour. It is a wonderful song. There is a ringing tone in the music. Rhyming the brilliance of glittering love and flustering ardour!

The song is by Uusuf Ali Kecheri. Music by Devarajan