Kannaa, Aaromalunni, Kanna

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

കണ്ണാ, ആരോമലുണ്ണീ കണ്ണാ....

It is a very special scene, where romantic revelry gets entwined with spiritual aspirations. There is luscious prose and lovable poetry in the scenery. A most wonderful celebration for the eyes and the soul!

Vayalar's fabled control and command over words and phrases, as well as his deep knowledge in the complex themes of the puranas; are all visible here. It would be difficult to garner the core meaning of all the lines unless one has comparable information in Sanskrit language, (for ultimately it is Sanskrit words that chime in Old Malayalam Film Songs); which I do not have.

The lover, Aromuluni is equated to Kannan, Lord Sri Krishna. Her entreaty is that He should adorn his angelic features with the kanakambara garland twined by her ഞാൻകോർത്ത കനകാമ്പരമാല!.

Who are you, young lass, who has come through the solitary pathways of the hamlets of Yamuna; through the glittering vrichichamaasa moonlit silvery gardens of Vrindavan! Seeking this Dwarakapuri; my abode, home to Sri Krishna!!!

I am your lassie, who came running in a million births hearing the call of your flute; to the Govedhakamani-bead-paved ഗോമേദകണിമുത്തുകൾചിന്നിയ laps of Govardhana! Yes, I am your gopakanyaka, your grazing girl.

You are my Radha, he rejoins, my lovely, gorgeous Radha! The Radha of Vrindavan who crazed me with spirituous passions.

My much-loved darling, could you decorate this gracious regal scene?

There is explosive bursting of mental revelry!!

Bearing the celestial golden hues! വെൺമതികലയുടെ പൊന്നാഭരണം ചാർത്തി!

Displaying cupid’s arrows മന്മദപുഷ്പശരങ്ങൾ on the bosom!

You still appear for carousing in the nightly hours!

Those beautiful dark hours that drives me wild and eager! എന്നെമദാലസയാക്കറുള്ളമനോഹരരാത്രി!

The rhyme of the gushing waters! ജനലതരംഗതാളം!

The drumming din of the Yamuna!

The bustle of the bells, and the splendour of the peacock dance!

Oh, Kannaa! The lolling tune of your wild flute! The hymn that made me a cosmic dancer!

Is there all this in your remembrances? ഓർമ്മയുണ്ടോ!

The song is wonderful, and the scenery befitting. There is also an intense dazzle in the vibrant music. It is Devarajan rhyming with Vayalar, right through the core of the theme and also our senses!