Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation


Her tender form; so soft and mesmerising! As she opens in the encasing darkness, as a tuneful flower. There is temptation in the air, as she yields to her wild passions, and unwrap her attire in the flimsy cover of the see-through mist മഞ്ഞിൽമുങ്ങിയീറന്മാറും.

The wild appeal of the unopened sprouts, as if stirred by her lover. Intense longings and powerful cravings in their unbridling form.

Oh, the bubbling desires roused in the hugging cold മൂടിവന്നകുളിരോടെ; cloaked in gentle devotion for the lover; hasten to quench my yearnings and my thirsts!

A song, both tender as well as brazen. Sharp allusions to the delicious charm of the female body are immodestly spelt out, yet they rhyme well with the eager mood of the song.

As for visual appeal, the promises in the crevices, so evident, are easy and sweet on the eyes. There is a whisper of the erotic in the words, and also in the swaying heaviness of the female rear. Definitely pleasing and never vulgar!

One gets a glimpse of the fabled licentiousness in the genius of Vayalar in this song. Yet, so polite! Devarajan arranges the soft and measured tone of the ache in the desirous yearnings and hope!