Rakuyilin Rajasadhassil

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

രാക്കുയിലിൻ രാജസദസ്സിൽ

There is a mesmerizing mood in the air. The dark shaded waters, the slow paced row-boat, and off course the cherubic features of Prem Nazir adding to its intensity. The effect is that of perfect intoxication, as one gets to feel the tingle and the unbelievable charm of fervent love, longing and of the missing.

Devine is the mood.

Revelry is there in nightingale’s hall of music; and there is the bittersweet tinkling tunes of yearnings in me രാഗവേദനാമഞ്ചരീ!.

There is stirrings in the silver-beaded waves and unsteady bashfulness in the rapturous gale.

The glassy clear sandbanks പഞ്ചാരമണൽക്കരയിൽ stand bathed in the misty radiance of the twilight പൌർണ്ണമിതൻപാലൊഴുകി. Sweetened remembrances of you gushes in the pulsating core of my heart.

In the fragrant pearly-beaded moonlight മുത്തുമണിചന്ദ്രികയിൽ, why is there no chiming of the dangling bells in your earrings? In the hallowed world of the celestial melodies, there is ecstatic spreading of the tunes of you!

The music is brimming with the soft pace of unfettered feelings. The lines are wonderful. The settings are in sync with the divine mood of the theme.