Thankathalikayil Ponkalumayivanna

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

തങ്കത്തളികയിൽ പൊങ്കലുമായിവന്ന

Love urged on by rightful lust, on the verge of unbridling itself, with powerful temptations lending scope to imaginations; that is the theme that seems to move through the song. The focus is invariably on the waist and its whereabouts; of the lassie. The place has mesmerising charm.

As she stands with her dripping coverings, and busies herself with more plunges into the pond; Oh, to behold the scene; to imagine the crevices as the fissures of an half-opened flower! To rein in the longings of his fingers!!

As she bends, with her back to him, to sketch on the ground, again the lover's lustful feeling runs riot; as also his infatuation! It is love, passionate and lustful!!

Vayalar with his brilliant words, and G Devarajan with his divine tunes!!! Yet, the scene would have been much better had Prem Nazir been the actor. He remains the master depicter of passions, raw and lovely.