Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

ഉണരുവേഗം നീ, സുമറാണി

The mad yearning in the lover; the unspeakable sweetness in the passionate haunting; the melody that stirs the infatuated rapture in the honeyed flower; to possess and to be possessed!

The arrival of spring! the harping of the birds!! the clipping beat of the streaming waters!!!

The butterfly has come dressed in yearnings ആശകളുംചൂടി വരവായി! He, the bringer of lovely feelings!!

Bathed in mist, in the hazy dawn, with dreams in his eyes, has he come, to see you!! the bard who fills the jungles with his tunes കാടാകെപാടും ഗായകൻ.

I have not seen the film, so I can’t speak from a background of the story. Yet, the scene is beautiful. Prem Nazir and Sheela in near perfection. Prem Nazir looks sweet, and Sheela is wonderful. The chemistry is deep, and infectious. The romantic ambience is different from modern film romances.

The shaded nature and the dense woods in the background also add to the effect. We are affected by the realism; and the unspoken whispery obsessions that are there-powerful and very magnetic.

The film is Moodal Manju

Lyrics : P Bhaskaran

Music : Usha Khanna

Singer : S Janaki