Pennale, pennale....

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

പെണ്ണാളെ, പെണ്ണാളെ

This is a song with a sobering depth embedded deep within. Actually, so many themes move in the background of this song. One is the forbidden infatuation or love between Karuthamma and Pareekutty. It is doomed to disastrous results, for it is a love that pierces through the walls of social corridors and could puncture it.

Then there is the fatal forced marriage of Karuthamma with a person who she detests, but that person himself is of sterling character. That is the real tragedy of the theme.

There is the pulsating music that rhymes the swaying mood and waves of the seas, which also stands there, unwavering in the background, with seeming nonchalance.

The song oscillates between the forebodings of the ill-fated romance, and between the rejoicing of the seafaring folks, as it the season of harvest in the high seas. There is sparkling fortunes awaiting them, in the swinging waves and the tugging depths.

There is the apprehension in the mind and the mood of the fisher-folks, as to what is the harvest that await them over there in the far horizons. Is it of the ordinary variety or something that brings them the riches? The eagles that flies in the heights മാനത്ത് പറക്കണ ചെമ്പരുന്തേ!, can it foresee the booty and the bounty that awaits them in the distances?

Well, these are all the very obvious themes in the song. Yet, there is another theme that is very powerfully encoded in this song that shall make this song, a song of superb scholarship. It is of the sublime link in the world of codes between the man and his woman. It is she who stands guard to his life, strength and potential and also as the wall of protection against ill-luck and misfortune.

As he goes forth into the seas, with nothing steady to hold on to, with swaying waters all around him, it is the fidelity of the wife that stands out to him as the only unwavering standard to hold on അരയത്തി പെണ്ണ് തപസ്സിരുന്ന്. It is non-tangible, yet it is there; powerful and dependable. Here, the fidelity need not just be loyalty in the sexual sense alone, but in so many other associations, that the Malayalam language enforces and calls for.

Many a seafarer has braved the thundering seas and come back alive; for his woman had stood by him. Yet, there were also the unfortunate beings who bore faith in those with loose fidelity and flinching mental stamina. They never came back, taken away forever by the waves. കണവൻ അല്ലേലിക്കരകാണൂല!

This song has a link to the world of codes that govern human life and also the designs of our universe.

Persons who are interested in the theme of the secondary codes that lie behind our life and universe, read my book: Codes of reality! What is language?

The genius of Vayalar needs fathoming. Salil Choudary stands in close proximity. Sheela has acted superbly as Karuthamma. The film director is man with an exquisite eye for detail.