Anupame Azhake

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

അനുപമേ അഴകേ!


Music -Devarajan

Film Direction - K.S Sethumadhavan

Scintillating allusions to sexual yearnings abound. Sensual beauty in its fathomless form; as in the Ajantha sculptures (അജന്താശിൽപങ്ങൾ) to fill (അലങ്കരിക്കൂ) his night with revelry & dazzling dance; with her ageless beauty and grace. And her supernatural loveliness (സ്വർഗ്ഗലാവണ്യമേ) to pave his path with passionate flowers.

It is not only Vayalar and Devarajan in their peak form, but also Prem Nazir. Sheela also postures the erotic appeal of the fabled sculptures of Ajantha in a most enticing perfection.

How is Prem Nazir able to encase so much beauty into so casual a theme as ordinary romantic love, clad only as he is in an ordinary mundu and shirt!!!