Poonthennaruvee, Ponmudippuzhayudeyanujathee...

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

പൂന്തേനരവീ, പൊന്മുടിപ്പുഴയുടെ അനുജത്തീ..

Childhood memories stream through these lines, defining the sweet passions that loll all along in this song. The rolling mountain stream is the Poonthenaruvi പൂന്തേനരുവി, the sweet little sister of Ponmudipuzha പോന്മുടിപ്പുഴ. It is about the long years of association; both are adolescents, sharing the same fondness, sensual inclinations and thirsts.

On the slopes of the same hillock, and in the same greenish shades ഒരു, they grew up; drifting around, robed in frock of silvery moonlit foliage texture; pinching flowers as they went along പൂക്കളിറുത്തുനടന്നു.

With blue-tinted dreamy eyes, ringing waists, and bashful stories on their lips, they lazed around in cosy companionship കഥകൾ പറഞ്ഞുമയങ്ങി. Oh, can such pulsating remembrances die; can tidal waters go still ഓളങ്ങൾനിലയ്ക്കുമോ?

The chiming tune that ring throughout the song is in perfect harmony with the pulse of youthful dreams. Sheela with her sheer mood of youthful abandonment, simply appeals to our innermost romantic feelings, and stirs some faraway mysterious figments in our mood.

Beyond all of them, what about the directors of these old movies, who with their slender gadgetry could pack up so much beauty into the miniscule scenery? Gay damsels in splendid rejoice, dancing in perfect rhythm to the rhyme of the gushing stream and its spraying waters. It is perfect visual celebration.

Lyricist: Vayalar Musician: Devarajan Film: Oru Pennintekadha

Director: K.S Sethumadhavan