Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation


The scene seems to depict the signalling of the lover to his beloved. The kindling hum and the bells, that beckons her. She is within earshot.

This is a song that rings reminiscences in me. For, the film came out when I was in my fifth class. The lines bring back memories of me walking through a particular lane in the night time, with the canopy of the luminescent dark sky encasing me. There was juvenile romance in my mood.

The lines have a heady feel about them and there is a powerful feel of love in the air. Worshipful love in a most intoxicating form! As he sees his lover in the dark hours, with stars twinkling in the moonlit skies.

There is timid diffidence in her as she stirs out to his nearness. Rightful fear, overcome by tempting infatuation! There is intense mental wrenching. The struggle is obvious; deep intense arduous cravings tug her on.

In the far enticing heavens, the moon decorates the nuptial arena; the singing of the nightingale adds magic to the feelings. Thoughts are persuasive and eager; packed with coy anticipations.

She comes alone, brimming with unbridled fondness.

In a pose of artless acceptance!

Yet, she is the goddess of my prayers ഞാൻതൊഴുന്ന കോവിലിലെ. The queen of fulfilment of my sensual fantasies. The rhyme and song of my thoughts. I shall wed her in these blue tinted night hours. താലിചാർത്തും ഞാനീ,... നീലരാവിൽ!

The song is vibrant and gripping. It lingers on in one’s romantic thoughts, and does go deep to touch deeper feelings, connected to faraway times. The tune is also of a most delightful tone.

Beyond that, the camera wipes out the lassies rounded features, stirring unchaste meditations in the viewer. An undertone of shrouded promises in the forbidden events! Even as the music tolls as in a wedding ceremony!!

Lyricist: Yousuf Ali Kechery

Music: Devarajan

Film: Sindooracheppu

Year: 1971