Chakravarthini Ninakku Njanente

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

ചക്രവർത്തിനി നിനക്കുഞാനെന്റെ ശിൽപഗോപുരം തുറന്നു..

The mood is electric; it is an invocation to his queen-the queen of his hearts! He waits in his turnery, for her to enter on her naked feet and lend the benediction.

Salabanjighas (സാലഭഞ്ജിക), the sculpted devadasis, would receive you with flowers in their hands. In the hallowed panchaloha campanile corridors, earthen lamps would bloom. Heavenly maidens with alluring thirst in their eyes would swarm around; and rudra veenas (രുദ്രവീണ) will hum on their own!!

In the whispery moonlit moments, gorgeous marble damsels would clothe your steps with pearls; lustful wanton lasses would incline you to be my spiritual mate. In the attic bed, I would cover you with blushes.

The tune is definitely that of a prayer; as one would pray to ones goddess. The song is also that of worship for the deity, the female goddess who should come to lend him the divine fulfilment. Words loaded with scholarship that sways to the perfect rhyme of ethereal music. Vayalar and Devarajan!!!