Thrikkakhare Pooporaanju

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

തൃക്കാക്കരെ പൂപ്പോരാഞ്ഞ്

I have not seen the film and thus do not know the context of the song. Yet, it is a most beautiful song.

The very aaahah that commences the song, hold us onto a dreamy faraway mystique mood. The voice is superb and in sharp resonance to the gay temper of the song.

It is an entreaty to the Southerly Wind തെക്കൻകാറ്റേ!, which has come to ThirumandarmKunnu തിരുമാന്ധാംകുന്നിൽ, after a futile search for flowers in Thrikkakkare, and in Thirunakkare.

May I see the insides of your cute tuneful flower basket ഓമൽപൂപാലിക?

Oh, there is thali mulla താലിമുല്ല, and also chen-thamara thalir! There is also parijatham, adorned by the reddish hue chanden of the golden dawn പ്രഭാതചന്ദന തിലകംചാർത്തിയ. Then there is nishghandhi, which has enthralled you, wild with shameless passion. Then why this thulasipoo which has been predestined as an offering?

Isn’t there rajamalli, and also anuragha mandhari? Moreover, there is the naithalambal, decorated with flying sparks glowing in the moonlight! There is also the vanajyothsna, which has made you frantically passionate with love. Then why this thulasipoo, which has already been offered away?

The lines are beautiful, and the native names of the flowers sweet and touching. The swinging tune of the music, and the swaying cadence of the words match each other. Devarajan in perfect pulse with Vayalar!

Film: Line Bus

Year: 1971

Lyricist: Vayalar

Musician: Devarajan