Raajashilpineeyenikkoru Poojavighrahamtharumo....

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

രാജശിൽപ്പീ നീയെനിക്കൊരു പൂജാവിഗ്രഹംതരുമോ..

It is the yearning for an idol for worship; for her to drape in offerings of flowers പുഷ്പാഞ്ജലിയിൽ പൊതിയാൻ). She would decorate the body with sacred passions; in its heart, sweet elixirs of longings will be poured (അമൃത് നിവേദിക്കും).

In the hallowed secrecy of the soundless nights, she would (രജനികൾതോറും രഹസ്യമായി) come with her offerings, for her daily bliss of passionate ritualistic mating. She would fill in his fragrant bowls with fresher offerings.

In those feverish moments, she would forget everything, and spread out into a heavenly world (മായാലോകത്തിലെത്തും).

Vayalar has fantastically carved in superb words, the secret world of female fantasy, as it moves in close conjunction with cravings for one's own lover. The music has a mellowed quality, as it moves in the background in slow cadence, in careful rhythm to the gentle theme. G Devarajan’s music simply blends divinely with Vayalar's tender delineation!

Lyricist: Vayalar

Musician: Devarajan

Film: Panjavankadu

Producer: Excel Productions

Direction: Kunchako

Film: Panchavankaadu