Seetha devi, swayamvaram cheythoru

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

സീതാദേവി, സ്വയംവരം ചെയ്തോരു

It is the ancient theme from the age of threatha yuga ത്രേതായുഗം; that of a solitary stone in the wilds transforming itself into a graceful lass, by a solitary touch by the hallowed toes of Sree Rama, the young prince betrothed by Sita.

When pierced by your nails that day, did the sculpture of this lovely damsel, shaped years ago by some nameless artist ഏതോശിൽപി, enliven itself or did it stir the silent yearnings in you?

You are that figurine, and I, the sculptor. See

Oh, you poesy chipped in stone കല്ലിൽകൊത്തിവച്ചകവിതേ!, what is it that caused the chiming of your golden bracelets? Oh, you dazzler with blushing bosoms, what has caused the kindling of your sensual texturesനിന്റെമേലാസകലം തളിരിട്ടതെങ്ങിനം?

Oh, you stunner, attired in petals have you come! Would you not bathe me in passions എന്നെ പുളകങ്ങൾ കൊണ്ടു പുതപ്പിക്കുകില്ലയോ? Oh, you bloom, pierced bare by cupid! Isnt your gorgeous honeyed nectar, not for me?

The story that is alluded to from the Ramayana, has some connection to a peculiar theme of infidelity. In this film, also there is some level of adultery or something similar in theme. I can’t remember.

Then the lines: When pierced by your nails that day......enliven itself: It may in a singular manner allude to the theme of the film in which the female arrives with a terrible disease, which gets cured by touch of the doctor, the hero. This more or less gives her a new life.

The film is Vazhve Mayam വാഴ്വേമായം. Its second part was Sharashshayya ശരശയ്യ.