Neela ponmaane

Malayalam Filmsongs' English annotation

നീലപൊന്മാനെ, എന്റെ നീലപൊന്മാനെ

A very beautiful song! The infatuations of the forest folk, is what it tells.

He enquires of the blue kingfisher, his own special kingfisher എന്റെ നീലപൊന്മാനെ, as to what its yearnings are. Is it the wrappings of the silvery sunlight, or of the greenish textures of the trees, that it longs for?

There is celebration and festivity in the shrines ഇന്ന് കാവിലെല്ലാം കാവടീ, and everywhere else. Oh, little bird! it is time to shape the bridal pearl lace. Oh, my mood! Intoxicate thyself with honeyed thoughts!!! മനസ്സെതേൻകുടിക്കൂ നീ!

There is rhyme, support, harmony as well as reception in the lover’s response. Would the little bird lend me both the shiny robe as well as the foliage-woven one?

It is time to go home, it is time to get back to the nest; you tender little twitterer കൊച്ചൂപീലി പൂവാലി!. It is time to thread the tender green garland. Oh, my thoughts! Souse thyself with honey!!!

Their thoughts are in sync!

He sings: you cute little plumed person; dweller in the delicious woodlands, where luscious trees flower! I have heard your singing നിന്റെ പാട്ടു ഞാൻകേട്ടു; oh my mind, be in tuneful rhyme.

The scene is beautiful, and the mood is that of perfect romantic synchronisation. Vayalar is still in his prime mood, and Salil Chowdary has also shown his calibre.

However there is something more to be said about this scene. It depicts the adivasi people who live in the Wynad district (earlier forests). They do not really look like this. Exploited and starved and driven off their land, currently they look worse.

In fact, this film is like the Gandhi film by Richard Attenborough, wherein Gandhi is portrayed by an man of British nationality, half-English blood and perfect English demeanour, whereby Gandhi looks like an Englishman.

Film: Nellu Lyricist: Vayalar Music: Salil Chowdary Film director: Ramu Kariat Year: 1974