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An impressionistic history of the
South Asian Subcontinent
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Vol 1 - An ephemeral glance at feudal languages!

32. The craving for ‘respect’

Let me mention here some of the contemporary social effects of ‘feudal languages’.

I have already mentioned that these kinds of languages would bring in controls and restrictions on social interactions. And that in many cases, they would influence them in a negative manner.

In the social system, there is an enduring terrible fear of incidences wherein persons, who are positioned in the lower brackets socially or position-wise, use words bereft of ‘respect’.

If there is no one to convey an adequate introduction of a person to another person or group of persons, it can be calamitous.

Judging on the basis of mere age, quality of job, job position, vocation of the parents, monetary value of the clothing, financial acumen of the family, financial stature of companions, and such other things, others would using varying levels of indicant word codes.

If a person feels that the indicant word code/form used towards him or her is inadequate or doesn’t reflect his or her actual grandeur, then it can create a huge mental trauma.

Such mental issues defined as ‘Paranoia’, ‘Phobia’ etc. in mental sciences, can actually be the adverse effects of these word-codes, as seen expressed in a visible form.

It is seen that persons who speaks such languages, are led to various kinds of extreme cravings by their kinds of social fears. In feudal languages, wherein a person with financial acumen and social stature naturally becomes a ‘Saar’, ‘Maadam’, ‘Angu’, ‘Adheham’, ‘Avar’, &c. (all of them highest forms for He/She &c.) and persons who are devoid of money and social stature, becomes mere ‘Nee’, ‘Ayaal’, ‘Avan’, ‘Aval’ ‘Avanmar’, Avattkal’, ‘Cherukkan’, ‘Chekkan’ &c. (all lowest form of You or He/ She &c.), both human beings as well as animals get affected by very vile mental distractions and features.

In this nation, the very ambition of many persons to coax their children to become doctors rises from this kind of mental afflictions. The moment a son or daughter becomes a doctor, he or she will immediately shift from a location wherein he or she cannot be bitten using verbal codes. He or she would move into the higher bracket of the verbal codes, from where he or she can claw and pierce many others by means of these verbal codes.

It is a great social achievement, when seen through the feudal language codes.

The persons who thus get clawed and pierced by means of verbal codes cannot attack back with the same verbal codes. For, in the language codes, such an action would be defined as terrific impertinence and rascality, by others. They will not allow that.

The insidious working of these language codes can be seen in the craving for a government job, and the terrific disdain and repulsion felt towards the ordinary citizens after getting a government job, and the extreme desire to gather bribes, and such other things.

The ordinary citizen would not be able to converse with the government employee, or discuss a problem, or argue out one’s own version of events. This is again due to the direct effect of the feudal codes in the native language. The verbal codes simply do not allow that. If anyone does it, it would amount to deep offence from the perspective of the government official.

If one were to make a brief glance through the history of this peninsular region, one would be able to see the huge number of disastrous incidences, these language codes have sown in the social system.

Once this writing reaches the history part, many of these things will be taken up for discussion.

0. Book profile

1. The introduction

2. Subjective or objective?

3. The personal deficiencies

4. Desperately seeking pre-eminence

5. Feudal languages and planar languages

6. History and language codes

7. The influence and affect on human beings

8. Malabari and Malayalam

9. Word-codes that deliver hammer blows

10. On being hammered by words!

11. What the Negroes experienced

12. Who should be kept at a distance?

13. Word codes which induce mental imbalance

14. Codes of false demeanours

15. Self-esteem and the urge to usurp

16. Urge to place people in suppression

17. The mental codes of ‘Upstartedness’

18. Codes of rough retorts!

19. The diffused personality

20. The spreading of the substandard

21. How the top layer got soiled

22. Government workers and ordinary workers

23. How the pulling down is done

24. The antipathy for English

25. Quality depreciation in pristine-English

26. Dull and indifferent quality of English

27. Unacceptable efficiency and competence

28. Subservience and stature enhancement

29. Codes of crushing and mutilation

30. The essentialness of a servile subordinate

31. The repository of negativity!

32. The craving for ‘respect’

33. The structure of the Constitution of India

34. The situation in Britain

35. The rights of a citizen of India

36. When rights get translated

37. Three different levels of citizenship!

38. How the mysterious codes get disabled!

39. The craving and the urge to achieve

40. A Constitution in sync with native-culture

41. A people-uprising in the history

42. The new ‘higher caste persons’

43. When the nation surrenders

44. The nonsense in academic textbooks

45. The bloody fool George Washington

46. The wider aims of English education

47. Administration in Malayalam

48. Who should ‘respect’ whom?

49. When antique traditions come back

50. The competition among the oppressed

51. The terror of a lower becoming a higher!

52. The battering power of language codes

53. Verbal sounds which create cataclysm

54. The demise of the power of small despots

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