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An impressionistic history of the
South Asian Subcontinent
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Vol 1 - An ephemeral glance at feudal languages!

17. The mental codes of ‘Upstartedness

There are words in Malayalam that can be roughly translated into English as ‘Upstarts’. An exact corresponding word cannot be found in English, for the language codes that promote the emotion in feudal languages are not there in English. May be Celtic language might have words which might be of more corresponding content.

After pondering on this issue, I could not come across any exact words in English which can give the exact sense of what I want to convey. Even though the word ‘Upstart’ which might have meanings near to this, I feel that this word can define the same kind of human personality as conceivable in feudal languages However, I cannot make any categorical statement in this regard, for I have not placed this item for deep study.

I have seen a verbal usage ‘over-smart’ being used in local English in a sense quite near to what I have in mind. However, I think this word is not in the English lexicon/dictionary. However, this usage is not capable of containing the same emotion that the words define in Malayalam. In a similar way, the verbal usage ‘small-guy acting too big’ can also be used in a sense quite near to what is in my mind. However, again this usage cannot contain the emotional content found in Malayalam.

The emotion that I am speaking of is two opposite kinds of human personalities that are created by the higher versus lower codes in feudal languages.

Here, now, we can take up the feudal language emotion of the word ‘Upstart’ for analysis.

The human personality that is contained in this word might be a particular kind of human individuality created when a human soul does not get its rightful level of dignity from others through verbal codes.

This ‘Upstart’ personality is displayed by someone who finds that he is not being given the same kind of dignity and ‘respect’ via word-codes that others like him are getting. In the ordinary situations, persons who are in professions which are defined as lower-grade in the verbal codes of such languages as Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Malabari etc. are generally those who are susceptible to this personality feature.

However, the exact fact is that persons in all levels of professions would have a feature of ‘Upstart’ personality in them, either quite visible or hidden.

To put it in more candid terms, all persons who speak feudal languages would display this ‘Upstart’ personality in one location or other. If there are persons in these languages who never get afflicted with this kind of personality, they would be persons who consistently get only ‘respect’ in all locations.

To put in a very general terms, it might be said that when a person is in a ‘Upstart’ personality, he or she would make use of all opportunities that he or she come across to display a particular kind of ‘over-smartness’.

This is a personality which persons who suddenly fall into the pit of relatively lowest/lower levels of YOU, HE, HIM, Lad, Boy, Guy etc., due to the pulling-down force of their profession/job &c. find it necessary to adopt. However, in this, no blame can be cast upon them, as such. For, all persons in the subcontinent are contained in the same satanic language codes, which encompass everything, and everyone. It is not easy to stand detached from the powerful grip of the mental and physical emotions, that the word-codes in them create.

The personality features of these persons might be mentioned as when being brought down by language codes, a powerful urge bears upon them to display a very visible winning, by overtaking others, by means of displaying various kinds of physical prowess and acumen, bluffing, hinting at powerful connections &c.

By this means there is an involuntary urge to get back to the heights.

However, another item might also need to be mentioned. There are very definite code-work connected to this phenomenon in the location where Codes of reality interacts with the Software codes of life. However, the time is not ripe enough to move into that location for discussion.

It is quite easy to identify that ‘Upstart’ personality among those who are driving vehicles.

Honking unnecessarily and to the point of distressing others, drive displaying terrific bravadoes, drive in a manner as to disturb and block other vehicle drivers are some easily identifiable features.

At the same time, in an Indian government offices, persons who are working in levels which do not allow them much personality enhancement, would try to simply harass the members of the public, so as to extract the much required ‘respect’. This is an ‘Upstart’ behaviour at another level.

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