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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

53 The litmus test of stature codes

In a native-Englishman all this will have not much effect. For his native English stature is always at its highest. Unless, he has made himself ‘equal’ to any feudal language people. If he has studied under feudal (discriminative) language teachers, there will be very easily visible dents in his higher stature, when he is viewed through the same supernatural software application. The same will happen to him from all kinds of interactions with feudal language speakers.

However, the fact is that even when interacting with other Englishmen or women, some kind of changes will happen. That is natural. Yet, what is being stressed here is that interaction with feudal language speakers will induce a specific different kind of change. Depending on the specific feudal languages, and also with what level of stature he is interacting with, and his own stature in the interaction. Whether as a superior or subordinate.

When mentioning Englishmen of these kinds of varying social experiences, I need to make some more clarifications.

Even though all these ‘Englishmen’ will look similar in stature, there will be difference at the Code view. The effect of the difference will become visible when all these Englishmen are placed in certain social locations, which can act like a litmus paper.

In certain very marked situations, they will behave differently as per the code variation that has perched upon their innate design codes.

In fact, those who have been ‘equalised’ with feudal language speakers might even be more ‘racist’ than those who had not been ‘equalised’.

I am not able to get a suitable illustration to show the litmus effect. So, I will mention another example. Consider an Indian in Britain or USA with good English standards. He gets arrested in some crime. From an Indian perspective, he is still in good hands. For, the native-English policemen will treat him with a level of courtesy and consideration that cannot be imagined in India. He is seen walking with the English policemen with a mood of total composure, and with an unbent head posture.

In almost all points of personality stature, he looks similar to a native-Englishman, other than in skin-colour.

Suddenly there is some issue that connects his crime to some crime in India. Now would come the exact twist. Or rather the litmus filtering. The litmus test is about the inner core software of his speech. He knows Hindi or some south Indian language.

The situations changes rapidly. He is taken to India. The moment he lands in India, the Indian police constables place their hands on him. He is addressed as Thoo or as Nee, both of the lowest indicant level. He cannot stand erect with a no-bent posture. For, that will be deciphered as rank arrogance by the Indian policemen, and they will lay their hands on him in another mood.

As for the Indian policemen, the plain fact that he is an Indian is enough. But then beyond that the very fact that he can understand the native feudal languages of India will be his total undoing. Unless he has quite powerful patrons in the political or official circles, he is done for. There are plenty of verbal codes that have no meaning in English. Words such as Eda, Yenthada etc. will literally murder all postures of refinement he has had in England or USA.

Another similar illustration can be given of an Englishman working as a subordinate to some feudal language nativity person. However, that person is quite fair in complexion, and extremely good in English. In fact, he can easily pass off as a native-Englishman. Both he and his subordinate Englishman are going through the sea in some sea-vessel, when they are accosted by the police of some nation like India.

It is here the native-codes of the feudal language native will come out. When he is in the hands of officials from feudal language nations, his innate feudal language mentality will come out. He will bent, bow, cringe, appeal in a pose of obeisance etc. For that is how his native feudal language forces him to do. His mind will connect to the Indian policemen with mutually aligning feudal language software codes.

However, the native-Englishman cannot understand why there is any need to behave like all this. In fact, in his home-nation he has dealt with policemen without compromising his own personal stature. He will communicate with the Indian policemen in his native pose and posture, of dignified politeness.

The ‘dignified politeness’ will seem like an extreme practise of impertinence. Especially when the Indian policemen see the senior man exhibiting servitude and servility, and the junior man acting ‘great’.

Google Search: British Sailors in Indian Stinking Jails.

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