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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

14 An observation at a personal level

After having written the initial draft of my first book March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages, way back in 1989, I had decided to do a very fabulous experiment. It was to study the effect on a human being if only the planar language English is taught to him or her, from childhood to the total exclusion of feudal languages. And also not allowing the negative verbal codes in feudal languages to affect that person.

This was not a plausible experiment in any way unless it is done inside my own family. When my first daughter was born, I had this worked out. She was made to exist in an English-only ambience.

There was indeed a very visible change in the demeanour and total looks of the individual. This was very much visible in a social area, where all children spoke in the native feudal language, and also was spoken to and referred to in the same language, by others.

Now, my next observation comes quite near to the codes of the anecdotal black eye.

What the situation was, was that this individual was seen to be without the usual restrictions that feudal language communication enforces. A lack of hierarchical lower positioning was evidently there. By body posture, there was no bent in the neck region. In fact, there was no understanding that people of varying age, financial status, social stature etc. have to be defined by different words for You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers etc.

Moreover, there was no knowledge of such words as Eda, Edi, Enthada, Enthadi etc. which can be used for powerful degradation and subordination, if need be. These words do not have corresponding words in English.

Naturally there was a lot of envy and jealousy among the other people around. I have myself heard quite insulting comments about the individual’s disposition. That she was good in swimming (started swimming at around 8 months age), could jog around 1.5 km, was good in cycling, could do roller-skating etc. at around age four and earlier, were also other points for social jealousy.

Beyond that, my family living in a dilapidated house in the midst of quite rich-looking households of people working in the Middle-East did not ease up the situation. There was evidently a mood to use the apparent financial acumen to use the lower grade verbal codes in their private locations. The only thing that might have stopped such verbal usage directly on me was the total image of my extended family as being quite fabulously rich (in the same house compound).

None of these envies were seen to affect my children at all at that time. They were totally impervious to all negative comments, because they did not understand the words. However, if they had to interact with the local society directly, I have no doubt that the eye language, tone, words etc. would have affected them. For, the words of addressing and referring to youngsters are quite of the degrading one in the locality.

Moreover, a reputation that my children were themselves English trainers at very young age itself was also a formidable protection when they walked on the road which had a lot of small-time shops lining both sides of the road.

However, there were occasions when their innate protection from the evil-eye was seen dented.

It usually occurred when we had to go for some marriage or some similar functions in some house of some people who could claim some kind of family relationship.

Naturally my children stood in sharp difference from everyone around. Even my wife and I were different from my children in bearing, demeanour and attitude. However, in the close ambit of a household where other people equate us with their own family members, with a corresponding level being found for each person’s level, some kind of equality, and naturally some kind of subordination was being framed in the code arena.

The very obvious difference that the two individuals might have, could have been defined by others as some kind of arrogant superiority. Actually it was a very soft refinement which could not bear the coarse roughness of the local communication system. Everyone there could understood that this thin veneer of superior refinement could be levelled down within minutes, if they had access to address them with the lower-grade verbal codes and refer to them with the same lower grade words of referring.

In fact, there were people doing this kind of lower-verbal code referring on them, which are commonly used for children. However, since the individuals concerned did not understand the native language, the affect was minimal, unless they chanced to look into the eyes of the speakers. However, a caution against this had been given to them. So, that was also of the minimal direct effect.

Yet, in the total code location of the total ambience, the individuals concerned had been brought down. In some vital location in their innate codes, there had been some numerical value depreciation.

This idea of numerical values is also a complicated one. I do not want to take it up here now. I hope to deal with it later.

It was at this numerical value depreciation, that the evil-eye could leverage an attack on them. When they were subordinated in the code location, the negative codes of the evil eye were able to gather on them and overwhelm some codes that could have given them some protection.

It was seen that every time the mentioned individuals (my children) went for any such extended (but not much connected) family relations’ functions, they would have some unexpected falling or hurting. This usually happened when they came home. I could very easily see a slight value depreciation in their demeanour. For, after all they are by blood from the same local society. Each word of connection has a power. It connects.

It was an expected happening that they would have some minor fall. Maybe from the staircase or such other thing. It would hurt them. It came to such a situation that my wife and I went to the extent of expecting such a thing, and would try to do something to ward-off the negativity.

But still there was no long-term negative effect then. For, they were not part of the local society. They did not go to school. So the local ‘teachers’ had no occasion to define them in the lower grade words which they use to their own trainees.

This much I had to mention. However, over the years, so many things changed. I have mentioned this in my book The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

Now to continue on the same illustration, it was generally noted by me that the two individuals did not have any usual illnesses like fever, aches etc. They would, with their companions, continue to play in the open even if the rain came pouring down.

From my own perspective, the two individuals were the closest to a native-English stature that could be induced into any local individuals. One of them was quite good in English classics and such other themes, most of which were not even heard of in the local educational circles.

The two individuals had no information of a lower stature verbal code or of a higher stature verbal code, other than the ordinary adjectives in English.

However, after a lot of local and official pressure was put up, the elder of the two individuals was admitted into class five in a local English medium school. This English medium school was much better than many other schools around, and totally better than the government medium schools. Yet, it was of quite low standards from what I had maintained as a mental stature in this individual.

From day one, I could see the rapid deterioration in mental stature dawning upon the individual. The individual had no real information on the Satanism in the local language codes, for she was advised not to pick up the local language even its most minute quantity. Yet, she was now part and parcel of a group of children who were quite frankly addressed and referred to in the pejorative part of the language codes by their parents and by the society at large. Somewhere in her codes, that lower address had entered into the identification address route. It was a neat numerical value depreciation.

However, the core quality that pristine-English gave still did hold on.

After joining school, (which from all accounts was a total waste of time), the individual started suffering from fever and such other minor ailments occasionally.

The second individual in this experiment also went through the same experience, when she was also admitted into school in class four.

From my own perspective, schooling was an utter nonsense, under low quality ‘teachers’, many of whom had not even heard of an English classic, had very low geographical knowledge from personal experience, and were most physically unfit.

The two individuals who were good in swimming, out-door games and indoor board games, good in various extra-curricular activities and used to take part occasionally in such games as football etc., were now forced to sit in classrooms for most part of the day, and most days in a week, learning very little of real value. However, that is another theme. It can be read in my own dissertation on the uselessness of Compulsory formal education.

Now continuing on the same theme, how can I say that this is a general experience? It can very well be a very subjective assessment of mine, totally prejudiced from my own perspective.

Well, there is a very querulous answer to this. It is a very cantankerous answer. One which cannot even be contemplated, let alone experimented with, in India.


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47. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

48. The second item: the broken mirror

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50. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

51. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity

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65. The fabulous ‘n’ word

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67. A warm talisman

68. Computer coding in feudal languages

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