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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

5 The exact danger in social development in feudal language locations

Before going ahead with the topic, there is something to be mentioned about the various people, including Edgar Thurston, who took up the issue of interacting very closely with the varying layers of populations in the subcontinent.

There are many things to be mentioned about this quite perilous task. There are higher populations as well as degraded and completely suppressed populations in the locality. Even though the Englishmen were surprised that the lower populations were actually quite intelligent, and not idiots as described by the higher populations, the total understanding is quite foolish.

The varying layers of higher populations in the subcontinent were quite aware that the lower populations were quite intelligent if they were given the leeway to use their intelligence. Even though the Englishmen went around claiming that they were able to ignite great intellectual development in the lower populations, the fact is that the higher populations understood this claim as utterly stupid.

They would not give any chance for the lower classes to show their intellectual mettle. For the languages are feudal. People are placed in varying levels of slots in the language connection. Social relationships are defined by the varying words.

If the lower populations are allowed to improve, what would happen is not their mere development, which is actually a very natural effect. They would go up in the verbal codes. Verbal codes are like a pyramid. The higher slots can hold only lesser number of persons.

The higher classes would be forced down.

So in effect, if the lower classes go up, what would go down is their ‘respect’ for the higher classes. The higher words for YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS, THEY, THEIR, THEIRS &c. would vanish. What would replace them would be lower level words for the same.

There would be no gratitude. It is a very beastly situation. Those who go up would act carnivorous on those who had been pushed down.

For instance, the carpenter classes in the subcontinent were actually quite intelligent and skilled in their work-field. However, terrible strictures were kept in place that disallowed them to interact as equals, and to connect as persons of equal dignity and stature with the social superiors.

It is only quite intelligent to understand that if this is allowed, they would indeed connect powerfully and takeover everything. It would be like allowing the house servants in India being allowed to sit in a chair and to eat at the dining table along with the householders. The servants would show remarkable capacities and skills.

Such things are not allowed in India. In the period before the advent of the English rule, most of classes below the Brahmins and their supervisor classes were not allowed to sit on a chair or to sleep on a cot. These things, if allowed, would make sharp changes in the word codes, which would create cataclysmic collapse of social order.

The deemed lower classes would start addressing the children of the higher classes with marked degrading words for YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS &c. It would be like placing the higher-class children way below the level of the lower classes, and at their beck and call.

This is a social and personal effect about which the native-English world has no information. If they had this information, they would not have allowed people from feudal language nativity to enter their native nations. For, slowly the natives go down.

Once the languages of native-English nations get replaced by feudal languages, the native-English people would slowly go down and enter into locations from where their complete status would be that of the slave populations of Asia and Africa.

Here one would need to ponder on what was the experience of the Negro populations that came as ‘slaves’ into the English nation of USA. And their experience in non-English nations, as slaves.

In native-English USA, they improved. For, pristine-English has no slots or layers. Even if the master addresses the ‘slave’ by mere name, or as a Nigger, Boy, or any other ‘great’ racist words, and the ‘slave’ has to address his master with a Mr. or Mrs. suffixed to his or her name, there is no change in the YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS, THEY, THEIR, THEIRS &c.

In fact this terrible ‘slavery’ is of so high personality-elevation that most of the lower classes of the South Asian subcontinent would compete to experience this.

This terrific fact has not arrived in the academic minds of native-English nations.

At the same time, the others of feudal language nativity can and do use these powerful codes to split the native-English populations and throw them into random locations by means of powerful verbal codes.

In fact, if the current occupation of native-English nations by feudal (discriminatory) language speakers is allowed to continue, it is just a matter of a few hundred years before the native-English in these nations go down to the levels of the lower classes of Asia and Africa.

I have personally seen this effect slowly spreading on to many Anglo-Indian families, who were not vigilant enough to ponder on the terrible effects of the verbal codes in the feudal languages of South Asia.


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04. Code view, design view & real view

05. The exact danger in social development

06. The fabulous un-detection

07. The machinery of disparaging

08. Lost in translation

09. A hint of the codes behind solid reality

10. Codes of Aiyitham

11. Upward lifting power

12. Codes of ‘respect’

13. The code version view of human beings

14. An observation at a personal level

15. A very powerful experiment

16. Locating the Voodoo-acting location

17. The continuous wobbling

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19. Words that crush and those that stretch

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27. Metamorphosing into a hermit

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34. Gadgetries of degrading

35. Issue of viewing

36. A clue from the epics of the landscape

37. What bodes ill for England

38. Codes of imagination

39. The slow rattling and the rearrangement

40. Astrology and other divinations

41. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures

42. The curse of the serpents

43. The ambit of a disaster

44. Nonsensical theories of communication

45. Continuing on the serpent theme

46. Jinxed buildings

47. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

48. The second item: the broken mirror

49. Supernatural codes of building design

50. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

51. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity

52. The diffusion of numerical values

53. The litmus test of stature codes

54. The working of the breached codes

55. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’

56. Miscellaneous items

57. Decoding bird signs

58. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts

59. Lucky stones

60. Sleeping positions

61. The proof of the pudding

62. A software based disease treatment system

63. The power of indicant words to redesign

64. The other means to investigate

65. The fabulous ‘n’ word

66. Yantram

67. A warm talisman

68. Computer coding in feudal languages

69. Commentary 1

70. Commentary 2

71. Commentary 3

72. Commentary 4


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