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Software codes of mantra,

tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

3 The deeper themes

Now, let me mention the deep themes which I would like to delve upon, by basing my words slightly on the textual matter of the book.

It is a book that seems to have gone into the depths of the descending layers of the social canyons and absorbed the various tangible and non-tangible aspects over there. It is a book that has listed out Omens, Superstitions, the effects of the anecdotal Evil Eye, Evil tongue, Charms, Magic, Mantra, Tantra, Divinations and much else. The book is good indeed, and of quite formidable content.

Yet, I should mention categorically that the contents are from the superficial outer covering of a powerful machinery that works out all this.

I am amazed that a very powerful and quite detectable content in this South Asian subcontinent has been missed. Not only by Edgar Thurston alone, but by almost all other native-English officials of those times. An Irishman, or a Scot or a Welshman not detecting this item might not be quite surprising, in that they are from Celtic language nativity. However, for an Englishman not detecting this very specific item seems quite peculiar.

What I am alluding to is the language codes of the Subcontinent. It is not in the least like English at all. What the difference is can be defined by various kinds of terminologies. That they are feudal languages. That they contain a 3-D virtual arena code. That they have slot codes that can place each person or a chunk of persons in a specific slot among many other slots. That these languages themselves do contain codes of black magic. That these language codes are quite powerful enough to contain and restrain any person in some specific slots. That these codes can flip a person vertically 180 degrees up or down.

Well, a lot more can be added to the list.

What is vital in this information is that almost all tragedies and comedies described in regard to the social system here can be very candidly explained through these codes.

Even evil eye, black tongue, charms, mantra, significances of various ceremonies, social repulsions and much more can be very clearly seen as the working of these language codes.

What is quite incredible is that even though the English rule existed in some parts of the Subcontinent (Bombay, Madras and Calcutta Presidencies) for more than a hundred years, there is no candid study about this rank difference that the local native feudal languages had in comparison to English.

It is a very clearly understood item in the local intellect that by means of mere words, close people can be split apart, a wedge can be inserted to place people in different heights, disconnected people can be made to desperately hold on to each other, a wayward family relative can be made to come running back as if for safety, a person can be flipped vertically from the heights to that of lowliness and vice versa, without even using any words that can be defined as abusive in English.

I cannot go into the complete attributes of a feudal language here. However, readers who are interested in pursuing this theme can read the following books:

1. March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages

2. The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

3. Codes of reality! What is language?

4. An impressionistic history of the South Asian Subcontinent

However, the most minute attribute of many feudal languages is that there are different words for You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs etc. in these languages.

When two persons are being mentioned and when the basic defining words like Teacher, Queen, Your Majesty, Boss, Worker, Younger brother, Elder brother, Father, Son, Government official, Member of the public etc. change, the words for Him, He, His &c. also change in a most spontaneous manner. It would be like a huge flywheel turning to the next position, pulling along a lot of other connected appendages.

To those who are used to this kind of verbal usages, it is seen as of very ordinary content. However to those who know the powers of software codes inside software applications, it would be seen that these are quite formidable codes that can more or less work the machinery of Mantra and tantra in this world.

Without understanding the existence of this very diabolic verbal codes, one cannot understand the powerful emotional tugs and social pressures that bear upon a person, a family and a public figure.

Even the various incidences in the various ancient mythologies of this land, both those contained in Sanskrit texts as well as those in the antiquity of the non-Hindus (forcefully subordinated castes) can be explained quite easily if one can understand these codes. However, a person who has been born and bred into this communication code will not find anything uncanny about it. It would be as ordinary as the huge atmospheric pressure one is used to, on earth.

Yet, when a native-Englishman views these action and postures, he will find no tangible reason as to why a person should behave as he does.

Even the issue of giving word of honour, commitment, telling lies, being honest, sticking to a committed programme, honour killing etc. are liable to be processed by the various components in the strings of human relations as per these codes. What comes out or what is acted out at last, is the final outcome of the powerful processing of all these codes.

In this commentary, I will work through the various items, taking a few for elaboration. At the same time, I might even go beyond the book and take items directly from elsewhere, including the ancient puranas (epics) of the geography.

In fact, I would even attempt to try to work out the working of the codes at the design view level or in the physical world level. I do not have the means to enter into the code view levels of the physical reality, as of now. However, an attempt would be made to seek an opening into that location.


00. Book profile


01. Intro

02. The frill issues

03. The deeper themes

04. Code view, design view & real view

05. The exact danger in social development

06. The fabulous un-detection

07. The machinery of disparaging

08. Lost in translation

09. A hint of the codes behind solid reality

10. Codes of Aiyitham

11. Upward lifting power

12. Codes of ‘respect’

13. The code version view of human beings

14. An observation at a personal level

15. A very powerful experiment

16. Locating the Voodoo-acting location

17. The continuous wobbling

18. The arena of Sensations

19. Words that crush and those that stretch

20. Software codes of Shamanism

21. Other supernatural software items

22. The issue of touching and of un-touch-ability

23. A detour to English colonial administration

24. Back to repulsions in touch

25. A supernatural way to off-set negativity

26. Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue

27. Metamorphosing into a hermit

28. Back to the eerie realm of Evil Eyes

29. A thing that can provoke the evil eye

30. From my personal experience

31. Detecting an inserted code

32. The viewing angle

33. The Codes of touch

34. Gadgetries of degrading

35. Issue of viewing

36. A clue from the epics of the landscape

37. What bodes ill for England

38. Codes of imagination

39. The slow rattling and the rearrangement

40. Astrology and other divinations

41. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures

42. The curse of the serpents

43. The ambit of a disaster

44. Nonsensical theories of communication

45. Continuing on the serpent theme

46. Jinxed buildings

47. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

48. The second item: the broken mirror

49. Supernatural codes of building design

50. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

51. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity

52. The diffusion of numerical values

53. The litmus test of stature codes

54. The working of the breached codes

55. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’

56. Miscellaneous items

57. Decoding bird signs

58. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts

59. Lucky stones

60. Sleeping positions

61. The proof of the pudding

62. A software based disease treatment system

63. The power of indicant words to redesign

64. The other means to investigate

65. The fabulous ‘n’ word

66. Yantram

67. A warm talisman

68. Computer coding in feudal languages

69. Commentary 1

70. Commentary 2

71. Commentary 3

72. Commentary 4


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